Sunday Nov 09-2014

Aries : Today you will land up in a tricky or hazardous situation. You will feel compelled to wade against the tide, which may not be such a productive thing, says Ganesha. Nothing seems to be going your way. Take some time off for yourself to relieve the stress.

Taurus : Your unfailing punctuality, your insistence on following time schedules is due to be noticed and appreciated today. Your colleagues and superiors will be singing praises as soon as you arrive for work. If you are in an artistic or a creative profession, such as designing, journalism, multi media, you have a remarkably eventful and gratifying day ahead. Creative people and professionals having the same sun sign as yours are also in for a great day, assures Ganesha

Gemini : You will feel out of sorts today. This could result in distances between you and your loved ones. You may fall into the wrong sorts of debates on account of your ill-temper. You need to keep a curb on your emotions to perform better, says Ganesha.

Cancer : With Ganesha’s grace, whatever you think or peruse will be successful. Students will excel and finish pending work. You can display your imagination excellently. In short, a day of happiness and variety.

Leo : You will look to give your house a new appearance by decorating it or undertaking some renovation projects. You will make the best out of waste and produce some truly marvellous pieces of art for improving the ambience of your nest. You will be able to save up on some money. Laudable, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Confidently take on the challenges that in all likelihood will test your business abilities, especially the ones that are related to your investments and monetary matters. You will most probably come up with novel ideas to solve long-pending issues, and Ganesha says that this will be very effective.

Libra : Ganesha says that you will be busy in your work field today and will be able to attain your goals in your work field today. Your level of enthusiasm will be at its peak. Today you may be able to meet with a person from the opposite sex who will be your future partner. Ganesha showers you with his blessings always.

Scorpio : You are a visionary and today you work towards building a successful future. But, expecting an instant result would be unfair. You need to have patience to bring in those dynamic changes in your life. Wait and watch, the patience would reap sweet fruits!

Sagittarius : The cloud of worries is likely to keep you gloomy today. Try to burst that cloud, and take a decision that would help you to solve your troubles. There may be some delay, if you want the situation to get back to normal. However, as Ganesha says, you would be the one who would benefit at the end of the day!

Capricorn : Not everyday is the same day. And, today is one of those days when you feel extremely confused, feels Ganesha. While you won’t be able to get rid off negative emotions, your hard work will be paid off and lay a strong foundation for future. You’ll not understand whether to feel good about your achievements or experience sadness of confusion. Ganesha throws light on your path and advises you to keep a calm head over your shoulders.

Aquarius : Meeting people from the different walks of life, having a good conversation with them and widening the horizon of your knowledge – this will be the highlight of today for youl. At work, you will have a busy day with plenty of meetings, discussions, planning and execution, feels Ganesha. You will fully utilize your energies, but it may also leave you exhausted.

Pisces : Are you fretting over the obstacles you are facing on the business front? Ganesha tackles the root of your problem and advises you to be patient and have faith in your undertakings. Good things will come your way, in good time. You may find it hard to accomplish even run of the mill tasks that you do easily everyday and this could be because of the unfavorable alignment of the stars but this is only a matter of time and this too shall pass.



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