Wednesday  Aug 27 -2014

Aries : You will make material progress today, says Ganesha. Naturally, you want to share this abundance with your family. Ganesha suggests you give them more quality time. You may also want to take time out to pray and meditate and thank the almighty for favours received.

Taurus : Dark clouds may keep the sunshine from getting through to your window today, says Ganesha. Negative thoughts and apprehensions may cloud your judgement further. You will look to your family and friends to help you get past today. A loved one may play the pivotal role in changing your fortunes and your mood in the evening, predicts Ganesha.

Gemini : You will begin a long-lasting romantic relationship today. Also, you will stay ecstatic and highly motivated throughout the day. In the afternoon, you will successfully avoid any confrontation with those who irk you to no end. That, says Ganesha, is the right way to cultivate patience.

Cancer : You will be dying to take a break today, and go on a brief pleasure trip with your sweetheart. However, it won’t be possible. So in the afternoon, you will have an extended lunch break, making plans for a future trip. A vacation is all you can think of today. Your work may suffer a little, but you will more than make up for it.

Leo : Walk the talk, buddy! Well, what it actually means is that today, you will be just too good at communicating ideas and expressions. So if you are at work, then look forward to being assigned some investigative job that might just turn out to be quite demanding, says Ganesha. Just get through the day, because come evening, the real fun begins for you as you enamour the opposite sex with your incredible charm and appeal.

Virgo : There is an important turning point about to reveal itself in relationships and how they will proceed. Ganesha sees you busying yourself in arranging a get-together with friends and family. In the evening, the opposite sex will make a whale of a difference between optimism and despair.

Libra : Optimism and a positive mindset are second to your nature today, says Ganesha. So carry it with you wherever you go. You may tend to be slightly overcautious at work, but that will only protect you. Today seems to be one of those days when you can’t stop worrying about your career prospects. But everything shall happen in due course, reminds Ganesha. So sit back and relax with your soul mate.

Scorpio : A turn of tide in fortunes of life awaits you today, predicts Ganesha. The way you think – or not – will affect your health as much. Evenings may be spent in the pleasant company of friends and family, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Logic and reasoning will shape your day today. You remain confident of better things to come in the future. Your cubicle may offer stress and tension, but all of that will be swept away by the showers of love and affection of your dear ones. Keep that smile and your chin up, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : Your extraordinary sense of humour will keep those around you amused throughout the day, so much so that they will look forward to spending more time with you in the future as well, says Ganesha. Also, your ability to solve problems with ease will impress many. Widening social network and maintaining healthy relations with them all will benefit you in numerous ways.

Aquarius : Today is reserved for outlining projects that will ultimately shape your future. You may want to chalk out a plan for your education, job, or even a relationship. Later in the day, you may get lucky with sudden and unexpected profits. If you’re a professional, there are rewards galore, expects Ganesha.

Pisces : A day where you will be on your toes, you will find yourself constantly on the move, keeping up with the numerous demands of the workplace in your quest to control the workings of your department or business. Chance encounters with remote relatives are in the offing, says Ganesha.


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