Aries : Today, you may want to make a short pleasure trip somewhere; it may either be to a historical place you’ve not been to, or to your role as a family person, caring and attentive to your loved ones’ needs. Ganesha suggests a trip to the nearest park.

Taurus : There is a strong prospect that an ordinary day will blossom into an extraordinary evening, predicts Ganesha. The afternoon may be filled with stress and tension. However, evening will be totally different when you will bask in the love and affection of your beloved.

Gemini : You will be in an extremely sensitive and emotional frame of mind today. While it is alright when it comes to family matters, you need to put your head over your heart when making decisions at the workplace. It is a good day to sign new contracts and to take up new projects, says Ganesha.

Cancer : A chance of misunderstanding likely with anyone, says Ganesha. Not the time to take a decision, whereby you repent later. Transfer to a new place, or auspicious function at home are indicated. Ganesha sends his blessings.

Leo : You will pay attention only to your work and will not be distracted by other issues today, says Ganesha. People involved in Research and Development related fields will find that their knowledge will come in handy for them today. Steps taken in the right direction will make your task very easy today.

Virgo : Today is a day to do some hard training and hard thinking. Ganesha says you will have to exercise both your muscles and your brain. Hard work will eventually lead to rich rewards. A romantic meeting with your beloved in the evening will put you in high spirits.

Libra : Ganesha says today is a day where you will have to make important decisions so be careful before making them. Those of you who are working professionals may find themselves favored by topmost officials who will be pleased with you and may give you promotions or a bonus. Ganesha says beware of people who wish to take advantage of your generosity and amiable disposition. Share your problems and mental stress and you will see it disappear.

Scorpio : Ganesha advises you to practice caution today. There may be a lot of people who may be green with envy as you are better than them in every way. Words of wisdom by you may not only change their opinion about you, but also win you accolades in social circles.

Sagittarius : Celebrations galore, foresees Ganesha. Two different individuals may have different opinions, but that should not result into ugly arguments. Watch out for any mishap, warns Ganesha. Your near and dear ones become a priority in the evening. Also, you will look forward to a candle-lit dinner with your sweetheart in the evening.

Capricorn : Never judge a book by its cover. Same applies to human beings, also. And, you are one of them. At first, you may not be able to impress the other person with your looks, but once you display your communication power, you win him over, feels Ganesha. You are blessed with an art, the art to convince others. Ganesha advises you to maintain a calm head over your shoulders.

Aquarius : What you have been trying to hide in the corner of your heart, may come to the fore today. At work, you will be more patient and calm. Everyone will notice this change in you. Your friends and family members will also be surprised to see a different side of your personality, says Ganesha.

Pisces : Ganesha advises you not to entertain the desire to remain secluded and to spend time with friends and family. If you manage to do this then you will have a happy and exciting day. You will have memorable moments with closed ones and may even end up organizing a small party for them. Ganesha says this might be a especially good day for artists.