Aries : Believe it, life is good sometimes; today is one such day. Things will not be hectic, even though you remain occupied, both at work and in your personal life. With no troubles brewing, what more can you ask for? Perhaps, Ganesha is trying to impart the crucial lesson of contentment.

Taurus : Right from the morning you could be feeling lethargic, bored. Ganesha says that things could get worse on account of indifferent health. Be careful that you don’t fall ill. Try not to take on either too many, or too heavy assignments today. As the hours go by, you will gradually feel more and more fresh and energetic. To ensure that nothing messes up your health later in the day, avoid taking outside food, or eating out.

Gemini : A chance encounter with an old friend will leave you feeling nostalgic. You will reminisce about the good old days for most part of the day. You are likely to meet a marriage prospect and leave a good impression on him/her. The confusions surrounding your future studies will also vanish.

Cancer : There is a strong possibility that you will reach an important milestone in your life today, says Ganesha. Your emotional health is important for your physical well-being. How about spending some good time with like-minded people who can light up your mood?

Leo : Building Rome was not an easy task; neither were the Pyramids built just like that. It takes sheer grit and determination, and lots of hard work, to make monumental changes. You may have to do the same, and work awfully hard to establish yourself today, says Ganesha. Don’t be disappointed if you do not get the results that you desire straight away. Ganesha foresees a change in your financial position later in the day. But all things considered, you can look forward to an evening of relaxation.

Virgo : Serendipity will pit you against the friendly ghosts of the past. In the afternoon, you’ll charm your way through good marriage prospects. But make careful decisions when it comes to furthering your educational qualifications, says Ganesha.

Libra : We all like a story with a twist in the tale, don’t we? Well, hold on to your horses today, because you may be going down the same twisted road when it comes to your career, foretells Ganesha. Your slogan of hard work seems to be your answer for everything. But allow for credence and your confidence to exert a pull on you. Evening may find you in an introspective mood as you search for the red herring in your tale today.

Scorpio : Cupid’s darts are more potent than ever today, warns Ganesha. Romantic rebirth might lead to a newer you. At the end of the day, you shall find the answer to those intimate problems, predicts Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Blood will be thicker than water today. And your relatives – near and distant – will bring much pleasure today. But Ganesha portends you being at loggerheads with your colleagues. However, progress will not elude you today.

Capricorn : For once, you will think straight, planning for the future and saving every bit of your earning for a comfortable, if not luxurious, life, says Ganesha. To your loved ones, you will come across as relenting and forgiving of the mistakes committed in the past. Later, however, you may feel others took advantage of your benignity, but it will only be a fleeting thought. You will realise that your tolerant nature is your strongest point.

Aquarius : A series of disappointments may drag you down today. But this is a temporary phenomenon, and a cheerful demeanour is the only solution. It is also best to avoid conflicts and differences at work in the larger interest of things. This too shall pass, says Ganesha.

Pisces : Carefully evaluate and analyse any monetary transactions that you undertake today. Running about heedless, like a headless chicken, does you no good. Slow down your pace at work, for later on it may be too late. You are likely to be engaged in shopping for or appreciating the fine arts later in the evening, says Ganesha.