Aries : Today will be a very romantic day for you. Ganesha says you will be faced with many temptations, and you may forget that your wishes are not being reciprocated. If your relationships are in troubled waters, you will get some hints about pending matters.

Taurus : You may, this day, get your moods ruffled, your emotions hurt. Emotionally you are likely to be too touchy and, therefore, vulnerable. Ganesha sees you being grouchy and upset throughout the morning. Later, however, the clouds of gloom will disperse and you will gradually regain your exuberance. The sympathy and understanding of elders and seniors will play a large part in restoring your good humour and seeing you smile once again.

Gemini : Today, luck is on your side. In the afternoon, you will remain reserved and subdued. But as the day progresses, you will be a different person altogether. You will transform into an enterprising and outgoing person. At work, you will impress your bosses with your brilliance, predicts Ganesha.

Cancer : Your day will revolve around your spouse and matters related to him/her. Thanks to the love and warmth that he/she will shower on you, you may not want to go to work, and you would expect the same from him/her. Don’t push it, unless both of you can take a break from work without any harm done to your day’s tasks. A good day to plan a mini-vacation. Around afternoon, you will get some good news from distant relatives.

Leo : Ganesha foresees that today, you will be gripped by the desire to shop till you drop, even if it means having to spend a small fortune from your hard-earned savings! You have no problem with that, especially if all the money-spending is being undertaken to please your sweetheart. Those who try to warn you against carrying out your plans will be doing so in vain. It’s not for nothing they say, “Love is blind.”

Virgo : All you have to do is start what you intend to do, and its success will automatically fall in. Such is the day today for you, says Ganesha. Financial transactions will be rewarding. However, the day may not be as exciting as you expect. But then again, don’t expect – just go with the flow, says Ganesha.

Libra : Remember back when you were a kid? Maybe you don’t, not everything at least. But don’t worry, today, in all probability, you shall have a new revelation about your childhood. At work, you will demonstrate exactly who you are through your intelligence. In this same honest vein, you will express your sincerest feelings and emotions to your loved ones, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : Keep as much distance as possible from partnerships and JVs, advises Ganesha. At work, your experience will be enough to manage huge projects. Today you are set to emerge as a better manager of large pools of people, and guide them on the lines of your imagination and decisiveness.

Sagittarius : Actions speaking louder than words could never have been truer for you than it is today. Let the force of your actions do the talking. You may find yourself working on personality development and self-improvement later in the day. While some of your actions will be channelled to renovating your abode, still others may initiate constructing your dream home.

Capricorn : It is time again for that once-in-blue-moon mood swing. You will be easily irked by everyday activities and may let small, less important things bother you too much, foresees Ganesha. But the darkest hour is just before dawn. Things should start looking up later in the day. You enjoy doing things others won’t dare, and for all you know, you may have already won millions of hearts with your impressive personality.

Aquarius : If you’re a boss — at work or at home — you may not feel like one today. Your workload will be back-breaking. However, Ganesha says it will pay off very soon. Your competency will inspire subordinates, and your reputation will be augmented by your committed approach.

Pisces : You have been ruminating on your past performance for quite some time now, and today will be the day when you attempt to better it, says Ganesha. Your peers may try to outwit you, but you will manage to pre-empt them with consummate skill. Meditative techniques will help you remain calm.