Aries : Today is an ordinary day, it is business as usual, but there will be some progress. You can while away your time doing petty chores. And, Ganesha says, while day-dreaming think about that coveted home, as that’s how the first plans materialise.

Taurus : Religious sentiments will be ruling your thoughts today, says Ganesha. This is a great day for making a trip to a temple or a popular religious destination. You should take your parents and other family members along on this auspicious journey. Your parents are sure to pray shower their love and blessings upon you and pray for your well being. All in all, the day will turn out to be a hectic, and tiring one; but, very satisfying and enjoyable.

Gemini : You will be faced with household problems and worries about your children today. You will need to help your children with schoolwork in the morning. In the evening you will likely head out to dinner with family and friends and relax, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Ganesha says that you will feel tiredness and weakness but in the office or business you will be relaxed , with less tension. Ganesha suggests that you should be careful to fulfil new responsibilities entrusted to you. You will spend on travel.

Leo : You will attempt to reschedule your daily routine to be able to make the most of your day. While it is easy to make plans, implementing them and sticking to them depends on your own discipline and determination. You will become more aware about health issues and pay closer attention to your diet. You will spend an enjoyable time with your family, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Today is a day for introspection and you will find yourself in a pensive mood. Ganesha advises you to search for the inner peace that you want. Stay calm to discover the hidden treasures within you. In the evening you will be glad to help someone who is in need of it.

Libra : Ganesha says you will be able to spend ample time with your loved ones and may even taken them out for lunch or dinner which will bring you more closer to them. You will even try to please them by showering them with gifts and presents today.

Scorpio : There’s always a first time, and today is the day when you would seal a profitable deal for your new business venture. However, close the deal only if it is beneficial for a long term. Be cautious and watch your steps carefully to avoid any unfortunate situation.

Sagittarius : A fresh and renewed you, today all your focus is on your kith and kins. This includes sneaking some time off for your beloved as well! Romantic conversations and intimacy will add some spark to the day. After family, friends too come to take their share. An exciting evening in store for you!

Capricorn : Mark this date on the calendar as today is going to be one of the most important days of life, the reason being you are going to meet somebody who is will stay with you through out your life. Though it may some time bore you, but your relationships will keep you busy today. Visits to religious places are on the cards for you. Most of the day you will spend time with your friends and family.

Aquarius : You will try everything to please your colleagues and bosses, but they will still have something negative to say about your performance. In order to be in the good books of everyone you end up hurting your own interests, feels Ganesha. The second half of the day promises to be relaxing, thanks to your sweetheart who will make special efforts to lighten your burden of work.

Pisces : You will have difficulty in interpreting the behaviour of your life partner today. It is better to bring transparency in your relationship rather than to doubt it. Speak freely about your problems and communicate with your spouse. Business relationships will also face rough weather. Those who work will find a measure of success in their office. It is a day of mixed fortunes and the evening might bring some respite in the form of family time, says Ganesha.