Aries : You will be a compassionate and caring person. Today you are feeling very generous and will give freely of your treasures, which, Ganesha says, will be adequately compensated in future. You have the exceptional ability to combine work and fun, and will treat peers and juniors as your family.

Taurus : Your efficiency and resourcefulness will, today, be functioning on overdrive. You will manage difficult problems and sort out complex issues with any sweat. You make have to take instant decisions on vital and central issues, without any forewarning, or time to think things out. The day being a favourable one, you will not go wrong, assures Ganesha. You will gradually become calm and relaxed as the evening approaches. Later, you will most probably be hanging out with friends.

Gemini : You will be in a nostalgic frame of mind and will likely revisit old memories from the past. The post noon sessions should see some occurrences that will leave you feeling sentimental. You will take decisions guided by your heart rather than your mind. You need to develop a sense of right and wrong, says Ganesha.

Cancer : It is highly probable that today you will recognise the importance of time in your profession. You will realise how long was the time that you wasted cribbing about how short is the deadline for the work allotted to you. Now that the deadline is approaching, you will learn that crying foul has only wasted your time and you have no choice but to do your job. You may have to use help from others to finish the task.

Leo : A busy mind has no time for a hungry stomach. This phrase seems to have become your motto for the day as the stars dictate every possibility of you staying extremely busy with work. This might kill your appetite in the afternoon, warns Ganesha. But rest assured, the cravings will return in the evening and push you towards the idea of an elaborate dinner. Also, gear up for some fun with the opposite sex tonight, says Ganesha.

Virgo : The place you dwell in could do well with a new look. At least, that is what you want to do today. Add some lively show pieces and sprinkle some of that personality to get the right effect, says Ganesha. In the evening, be prepared to shine out as a master performer and possibly a valuable helping hand.

Libra : It’s smooth sailing for you today. Your eloquence shall take precedence, and your accomplishments as a person of words will foreshadow your real achievements. But there is nothing wrong in that. Let your eloquence win everyone’s hearts, including colleagues. You shall be able to sort out and complete pending projects by the end of the day. Ganesha foresees a tougher than usual day for those in the medical profession.

Scorpio : The power of your personality will be under the scanner today, feels Ganesha. At work, you will be occupied with looking for solutions to pending problems. Your creative outlook and innovation will help you find a way out of difficult situations. It is the most favourable day for getting the support of your colleagues or superiors, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Chances are high that you will be isolated and left to fend for yourself. Your resourcefulness and enterprising nature may be tested by an unpleasant situation. Seeking Ganesha’s blessings can make all the difference.

Capricorn : Nothing as melodramatic as a Bollywood saga, but you will pour your heart out in front of your family members, letting out your fears, concerns, regrets and every other feeling that has been building up inside you over the years, says Ganesha. The second half of the day will find you high on energy, and you will go that extra mile to interact with your peers. Your sweetheart will also bring you good luck.

Aquarius : You will plan the day very meticulously to ensure minimum wastage of time and energy, feels Ganesha. Now, you will have more time in spare and you will be utilise it for doing things that you like. Enjoy you free time rejuvenating yourself.

Pisces : You are likely to achieve a goal you have been slaving over for the past some time. However, keep your celebrations muted, for merely winning a battle does not win the war, says Ganesha.