Aries : Ganesha is very impressed with you today for the way you handle your relationships. You will indulge in some furtive activity today. Ganesha warns you to be cautious about getting caught up in a fix where you have to shell out money.

Taurus : You might wake up yawning and keep yawning throughout today as lethargy gets the better of you. You may end up spending your day with loved ones, relaxing, while your wallet stresses out. New projects will wait in the shadow of your procrastination, predicts Ganesha.

Gemini : You will be bound by the bonds of love with your friends today. Deep introspection will provide the much-needed balm to your fragile state of mind. You need to keep your temper in check, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Today, you will put your long-standing plan of buying a new house into action, or refurbishing the current house. You will have enough liquidity to be able to meet these expenses, and still be able to spare a substantial amount of money for investment in a business.

Leo : Ganesha looks at the stars and foresees that you are at the receiving end of a lot of advice and suggestions from elders today. The best part is that you are likely to get influenced by them as well. Your workplace may look like a battlefield as there are chances that you get into open confrontation with peers. Be wary of legal disputes that might arise in the afternoon. Ganesha suggests that you meditate for peace of mind.

Virgo : In the sea of relationships, you may just chance upon the one port you were looking to dock. But weigh your options carefully before forging a bond of love, warns Ganesha. Later in the day, you may think twice about continuing your current job. Romance will brew quite steadily, hopes Ganesha.

Libra : Settle in soon, because you have a long day ahead. There is every possibility that you shall remain very busy for most part of the day, predicts Ganesha. Don’t be surprised if you can’t seem to find the time or the appetite even for a sluggish lunch — it is one of the drawbacks of a hectic schedule. But rest assured, your craving and hankering shall be back in time for a fine and scrumptious dinner. Also, Ganesha predicts you may have a steamy session with the opposite sex tonight!

Scorpio : In all likeliness, you shall be unreasonably tentative and curious. Professionally, seek out tougher challenges. You shall shower love and affection on your loved ones today. Those awaiting for wedding bells to toll might hear some good news, predicts Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Money matters stand to be at the forefront today. Lady Luck will smile on you, as you may see monetary gains from your business. But fickle as fortune is — and not that you would mind — evening might be spent in buying the most exquisite jewellery for your sweetheart. But beware of con games and watch that purse carefully.

Capricorn : Quite unlike you, but you will not be impulsive in making decisions today. Reason? Shaking off clouds of imagination, you will be more realistic in your approach to everyday dealings, says Ganesha. Your moves will be guided by common sense and practicality, and you will be optimistic about your future. Love will demand your time as evening sets in, and it will be for this one time that you will get back to your impulsive self. You will splurge to your heart’s content to see that radiant smile on your sweetheart’s face.

Aquarius : It’s absolutely alright to attend a social do where you don’t know anyone. Just be your charming self and everything will fall in place. Minor problems may nag. Know how to play a musical instrument? It’s perfect for relaxation, says Ganesha.

Pisces : In spite of the pressure and stress you will be labouring under at the workplace today, you can expect to excel in all the activities that you choose to pursue. On the domestic front, the support that your family members extend will prove to be invaluable, says Ganesha.