Aries : Today, you may wake up with your nose in the air. Though you may feel bossy and important, others may not feel that way about you. Avoid giving orders that sound like insults. Otherwise, the whole thing may fall flat on your face, says Ganesha.
Taurus : Getting through today will be like a cruise, says Ganesha. Business deals will kneel to the charm of your honey tongue and you will taste success. As the day progresses, you may lose interest in things. Beware of being too sentimental in the evening, warns Ganesha. You will feel loved and generous in social gatherings tonight.
Gemini : There are indications that you will most certainly guard against going off on a tangent in important meetings today, foresees Ganesha. You are also likely to let your brains on an overdrive to get things done at the workplace. You will have a fabulous dinner with your sweetheart in the evening.
Cancer : Chances are that your day will be filled with a lot of fun and celebration, says Ganesha. In the afternoon, you can expect a breakthrough in a very important business deal. At night, you will be busy partying.
Leo : Your wish to be in a cocoon, protected from the vagaries of the world, may come to fruition today. You remain sensitive and protected, says Ganesha. At work, you will be filled with a sense of purpose, and a feeling of solidity. But it is the evening that you should look forward to, as you are assured of a fantastic time with your family and loved ones. Time for one sensational trip or a night out, suggests Ganesha!
Virgo : It is quite probable that today will be an action-packed day for you, feels Ganesha. It is going to be a progressive day for your business. Later in the day, you may retreat into your shell, and refuse company.
Libra : It’s now or never for you, as today, you may finally take out time to do some sound thinking for your future goals and success. Things seem to go your way, and all your plans are beautifully executed towards the afternoon. Also, find time in the evening to be with the ones dear to you. A movie and dinner sounds like a good idea to Ganesha. Enjoy life in all its goodness!
Scorpio : Armed with a good sense of judgement, you will make a number of encouraging changes in your behaviour today, foretells Ganesha. Habits die hard, but all the effort that you put in to refine your routine will pay off brilliantly by the end of the day. Close friends and family will be pleasantly surprised by your efficiency and decisions.
Sagittarius : You may just strike the notes of your beloved’s heart today. Your presence and presents will make them realise how much you do indeed love them. Expect a trip to posh showrooms and designer shops to buy them expensive gifts. But don’t neglect work or your long-term goals, advises Ganesha.
Capricorn : It’s not every day that you wake up with a positive feeling, one that pushes you to make right everything that has been going wrong around and within you. Today, you may be in one of those high-spirited moods, says Ganesha. At home, you will strive to gain the confidence of your family members while at work, you will slog hard the entire day and get adequately rewarded for the same.
Aquarius : You are fully charged and raring to go! Your friends are supportive of your new schemes, and your bosses are pushing you to complete pending projects. This shouldn’t be a problem, considering your current levels of energy and enthusiasm, says Ganesha.
Pisces : You will feel like King Midas himself today because everything you take up will fructify into something successful and rewarding, says Ganesha. You will be alight with incredible ideas and abuzz with stupendous energy. Feel free to skip the coffee!