Sunday June 13-2021
Aries : The stars are up to some mischief — you may get into some kind of trouble. But matters may settle down, and by noon, you may have forgotten all about it. The evening will find you quieter and reflective, sober and wiser. Good thing, says Ganesha.
Taurus : A good day for money and love (you need more?). A quality, professional approach will help you shine out in business today. Be it launching a product or marketing it, you will win yourself hearts, smiles and a bundle of green. Let the leader in you take over during the day and the lover in you return by night, says Ganesha.
Gemini : The first half of the day should see you fresh and rosy with enthusiasm. You will be able to channel your energies in the right direction today. You will be able to pursue projects which really interest you. You will likely spend your lunch time in the company of friends and family. Overall, a productive and satisfying day awaits, says Ganesha.
Cancer : You will ponder over financial matters, says Ganesha. There is a chance of investing in new ventures. Events in the afternoon may enhance your social prestige. People form a high opinion about you and give you respect.
Leo : You will be in the mood to express your thoughts and opinions unabashedly today. You will try your utmost to make gains in your profession. You will be able to clear off your debts. You should make the most of this beneficial time to end your financial troubles, says Ganesha.
Virgo : Your creative talents will flourish today. Ganesha says you will be pleased with your possessions which you have carefully safeguarded for a long time. In the evening you may want to refurbish your house by making the necessary additions and subtractions.
Libra : Ganesha says you will remain busy in some important research work and you will be able to take out time from work to spend with your family. There will be friends coming over on your invitation and you will have an enjoyable evening with them.
Scorpio : Health may bag the ‘numero uno’ position in your list of priorities. You may even plan to hit the gym and pump up your muscles for better results. From now on, your list of daily activities would include exercise and meditation. Ganesha foresees a favourable day for people in the fields of marketing and advertising.
Sagittarius : Today, you will don a spiritual avatar, predicts Ganesha. Meditation is on your mind. Keep a check on your coffers. Talking about professional matters, you may be given the charge of new, upcoming projects, with a pat on your back for previous performances. Romantic developments on one hand, and bad health on the other. But you don’t mind, do you?
Capricorn : Occasionally, you will throw your weight around, and dominate others. After the first half of the day, may take some extra classes to brush up your skills and enhance your personality, feels Ganesha. Everything is not as good as it may sound. Be ready to receive some bad news today. If you aren’t mentally prepared for it, you may find it difficult to accept the news, says Ganesha.
Aquarius : Today, you will have a mix bag of struggle and success both. Patience and performance may go through some testing times at work. But, be strong and don’t get disheartened as this will not last for long, feels Ganesha. The busy day will have a perfect end with you spending some quality time with your sweetheart.
Pisces : Ganesha predicts this day to be fabulous for you on all counts. You will taste success at work and will receive accolades for your past efforts. The planets are perfectly aligned for those willing to take risks or start new ventures. You will spend quality time with your friends and loved ones in the evening, either to celebrate or to relax. The day will show you with prosperity and wealth, says Ganesha.