Sunday Jan 24-2021

Aries : You will desire absolute freedom in whatever you do today. A lot of entertainment is on the cards for teenagers, like window shopping or going for a movie. Kids may demand a treat from you. Generally, family affairs dominate today.

Taurus : Your unfailing punctuality, your insistence on following time schedules is due to be noticed and appreciated today. Your colleagues and superiors will be singing praises as soon as you arrive for work. If you are in an artistic or a creative profession, such as designing, journalism, multi media, you have a remarkably eventful and gratifying day ahead. Creative people and professionals having the same sun sign as yours are also in for a great day, assures Ganesha

Gemini : You will make a reputation for yourself as a leader in your social circle. You yearn for something in your heart, and need to concentrate your energies upon attaining it. Your creative mind will come up with solutions today, to certain questions that have been perplexing you for quite some, says Ganesha.

Cancer : With Ganesha’s grace, whatever you think or peruse will be successful. Students will excel and finish pending work. You can display your imagination excellently. In short, a day of happiness and variety.

Leo : You will relentlessly try to find means to progress at the workplace today. You will remain steadfast in your resolutions. You will not allow those working under you to slack. You will need to let go of your inhibitions and fears to be happy in life. You will receive the benifice of highly placed superiors, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Emotions that have been locked in the inner recesses of your heart might just surface today. You may develop an emotional attachment with your material possessions. However, Ganesha says, if you don’t find your surroundings conducive, you will feel extremely restless.

Libra : Ganesha says today will be an auspicious day for starting any new work. In the office you will be assigned new positions and you shall excel in the same. Whatever work is undertaken by you will see you attain success in it. Today is a lucky day for you Ganesha says

Scorpio : You are a visionary and today you work towards building a successful future. But, expecting an instant result would be unfair. You need to have patience to bring in those dynamic changes in your life. Wait and watch, the patience would reap sweet fruits!

Sagittarius : It’s time for invitations and grooving all night long. And even eat like a glutton. But, for a change you are not on a mood to party, though it is unlike you. You reject the idea of socialising and hitting the dance floor. And your friends do not like your changed avatar, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : You’ll kick start the day in high spirit which will take everyone by surprise. You will shift gears at work so that you can perform more efficiently and productively. Such a change will boost your confidence as you will see the positive results for yourself. Most of the day, you will work like a busy bee, but at the end you will listen to music or be with your friends to relax your mind, foretells Ganesha.

Aquarius : Meeting people from the different walks of life, having a good conversation with them and widening the horizon of your knowledge – this will be the highlight of today for youl. At work, you will have a busy day with plenty of meetings, discussions, planning and execution, feels Ganesha. You will fully utilize your energies, but it may also leave you exhausted.

Pisces : Today you will get attention from the opposite sex and this will play an important role in your success in the near future. Due to the favourable alignment of the planets you will recieve more than your expectations. Ganesha feels that even though you are a calculative and cautious person, you will tend to be aggressive, outgoing and willing to take risks today. This could also translate in you trying your luck in uncertain fields like gambling, stocks or betting.