Monday  Jan 11-2021

Aries : Your big ambitions may come to fruition today by the evening. Ganesha says that you will do your best not to make impulsive choices; whatever the expected results may be, you will take sensible decisions.

Taurus : Ganesha sees you devoting the day in taking care of your personal affairs and relationships. You are likely to review the state of affairs, and identify problems and persons who need more time and attention. This naturally implies that you will be spending a lot of time with your friends and family members, sorting differences and misunderstanding, if any. Going out for dinner with your loved ones could be a great way to end the day.

Gemini : There are indications that you will pay special attention to your food habits today, predicts Ganesha. You may go for an interview or start a new job later in the day. At work, you will get both encouragement and inspiration from seniors. Avoid confrontations with others as current planetary positions make you vulnerable to an emotional outburst.

Cancer : You will take unusual interest in places of historical significance and destinations not frequented by many, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you will be the centre of attention in a group discussion. You will show your excellent trouble-shooting skills while executing all your plans, hopes Ganesha.

Leo : No matter what you do, on some days, you just can’t save the world, even if you were superman. Remember that, since it looks very likely that today you shall be bringing upon yourself the displeasure of your bosses, and a lackadaisical support from your colleagues. It is not as if you are doing something wrong; but it sure would help if you were to take things a bit slowly today. Evening is an entirely different story, as you come across someone special with whom you can share past memories, hopes Ganesha.

Virgo : The thinking cap is on your head, and a passionate pulse runs through you today. Expect a laid-back, cavalier attitude to grip you in the afternoon. Government officials will have a inspiringly assenting day. Your professionalism will shine through today.

Libra : It’s not the Olympics, but for those associated with sports, today, you may come across the opportunity to stake your claim to fame. Also, expect the unexpected and be prepared for a lot of different turn of events in the afternoon. Ganesha can tell that you are brimming to the top with energy and enthusiasm in the evening. Keep it so, as it will help you strike a great balance between business and pleasure. It’s like you are in top form today!

Scorpio : Your emotions will take a hold over your reasoning today, predicts Ganesha. With your seniors, you should be careful about how you express your perspective to avoid being misunderstood. In relationship matters, Ganesha advises you not to repress your feelings or avoid feeling them as they may bottle up and lead to complications in the future.

Sagittarius : Ganesha says the day will be eventful and full of excitement. Differences in opinion might just crop up at work, but don’t let them dampen your spirit. A romantic, candlelit dinner with your beloved could well be the high point of your day. You are set to make an impact on your near and dear ones.

Capricorn : Get ready for a thrilling day ahead, says Ganesha. A lot of unexpected events may bring in happiness, and you may suddenly find yourself deliriously delighted. At work, finding answers to intriguing questions will consume most of your time. There are also chances that you may get adequate financial support to start a new venture or a business enterprise; the existing one may also prosper beyond expectations.

Aquarius : Excellence is the buzzword today! But that implies only to your work and not to the results. Nothing earth-shattering is on the cards, so slog away. Kids may howl or your spouse may yell in the evening, but you will simply pull your feet up and relax!

Pisces : It is a day where you are likely to be busy in tempering frayed relationships or indulging in tempestuous secretive affairs. Either way, the expenses incurred on the same will return to haunt you at the end of the day, says Ganesha.