Saturday   Jan 09-2021

Aries : Today, you may simply take a day off to be with your spouse or kids. You may even want to catch up with relatives living in your vicinity. Your loved ones will be mighty happy and pleasantly surprised, and Ganesha approves.

Taurus : You will not just run the race but will reach the finish line with ease today, predicts Ganesha. Neither pressure nor overload will prevent your from accomplishing your targets this afternoon. However, Ganesha advises that you must learn to be patient to make the most of your success.

Gemini : You will don the role of a very affectionate parent today. Your children, however, may get a bit uneasy by this sudden surge of love on your part. Don’t overdo it; if you have just realised that your kids need warmth, be patient with them. With your spouse, however, you will have no problem in the warmth department. In fact, expect fireworks in the evening. A vindication of your existence.

Cancer : Today, your love for your partner will reach the point of obsession. Before you realise it, you will uncharacteristically go out of your way to impress the love of your life. It will be as if you are under a spell. So unless someone shakes you out of your stupor, you may end up doing something that you may live to regret for the rest of your life. You will also express your care for your elders, but it will be nothing compared to your devotion to your love interest.

Leo : “Show me the money!” Well, you might as well be saying that aloud, because today, you are going to be heard. Ganesha foresees a fruitful day in money matters. Even professionally, you come to terms with enjoying the power of money. It is a good day for a bit of splurging, especially on those you love. So go get those pearls that your sweetheart spotted at the jewellery shop! Also, you might want to be careful about not getting swindled, cautions Ganesha.

Virgo : Fortune will favour you today. You will be able to pull off anything you try your hand at today, says Ganesha. In some cases, despite poor expectations, you will receive good news in the form of great results. Bend and budge when you need to, flexibility and adjustments will win you the favour of others.

Libra : Ganesha foretells of unfavourable situations today. But despite that, your endurance will be your winning formula for success. You are likely to keep your colleagues pleased and entertained all day today. You may decide to make your love life your main concern later in the day.

Scorpio : You are likely to pay maximum attention to family, friends and relatives, predicts Ganesha. On the academic front, children will perform exceptionally well in examinations. You may invest money in land and home. In the evening, you will find time to cool your heels and enjoy the pursuit of pleasure, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : In all probability, your inborn talents will be recognised and rewarded at work, predicts Ganesha. Your colleagues will possibly instigate you in the afternoon. But later in the day, your boss will positively inspire you to scale greater heights. Do not get carried away by your success.

Capricorn : The day will find you in an exceedingly good mood and you will be all energetic and geared up to take on challenges as and when they come, says Ganesha. A number of business activities will command your attention, and agreements and contracts you will take hold of as a consequence may get you a fortune. On the social front, you will display your intellect and impress your audience.

Aquarius : Today, you will battle clutter! You clean up and organise, and actually find the process therapeutic. You will also solve problems in a jiffy. There are decisions to be made, and Ganesha suggests that you research carefully before you make up your mind.

Pisces : You will need to get your priorities right if you wish to be able to successfully deal with the increased responsibilities that will be heaped on your plate today, says Ganesha. Try not to let your frustrations burst through. It will only prod your subordinates to claim that they are over-worked and hence deserving of more pay.