Sunday Dec 27-2020

Aries : If your work has anything to do with money, today you will be busy counting your riches! If you’ve applied for a loan, it may get sanctioned today. Look for variety, says Ganesha, and you may find your day filled with smiles and what not.

Taurus : You are likely to be mentally alert and watchful today, says Ganesha. Creativity will run through your veins no matter what you attempt. You may dabble in performing arts, designing, graphics or special effects. Your charm will play Pied Piper to the opposite gender today.

Gemini : Your physical appearance and personal attitude will see a marked improvement today, predicts Ganesha. A well-groomed you will climb up the popularity chart among peers, friends and members of the opposite sex. You will keep people under your spell with your wit and wisdom both at the workplace and at social gatherings. Romance is also in the air.

Cancer : You will be firing all cylinders in the creativity department, says Ganesha. Even your colleagues may pitch in, and will give you new ideas to make your work better. Those looking for a new job will ace the interview and clear the selection process as easily as clearing the fog from their glasses.

Leo : Karmic balance dictates an equitable distribution of joy and sorrow, says Ganesha. So if your day seems drab and depressing today, rest assured, your evening shall be all the more refreshing and exciting. Surround yourself with family and friends, as you will receive royal treatment from them. Just remember Ganesha’s advice that satisfaction is guaranteed when expectations aren’t too high.

Virgo : Play dodge ball with prejudice today. Do not let intolerance find shelter in you today, advises Ganesha. Instead, chances are you will seek to find love, affection and goodwill among those around you. Stay away from negativity as it may bog you down. Ganesha counsels you to have the courage to stand by your convictions.

Libra : Lights, camera, and action! Be prepared as the limelight is focused on you on this very motivating and inspiring day, enabling you to attract excellent public praise. Today is an encouraging day to set in motion innovative projects, especially for those who desire to be their own masters and embark upon fulfilling self-financed ideas. Ganesha has an inkling that today, you might see your social standing rise to new heights.

Scorpio : You are most likely to resent the dominating and overbearing nature of your partner today. Patience will probably go to the dumps in this case then. But Ganesha advises you to sit together and resolve all personality clashes and quarrels in view of the larger scheme of things.

Sagittarius : The nerd in you will rise to the fore today. Religious literature will catch your fancy. Ganesha also sees you diving deep into pages of detective tomes, murder and science fiction. Au contraire, find some relief from the roller-coaster by listening to some soothing music.

Capricorn : You want to enhance your knowledge by exploring foreign shores, but luck hasn’t favoured you yet. Ganesha predicts today to be a favourable day for you to try again for higher studies. If associated with the Stock Market or speculation, you are likely to make profits. You will come across many opportunities, but you need to identify and explore them to the fullest.

Aquarius : The day is taxing. You may find that others have dumped their share of work on you. But you are not one to admit defeat, and will deal with the challenge squarely, says Ganesha. You will outwit your opponents, and toast your success by starlight!

Pisces : While your day is unlikely to be very satisfactory, keeping your expectations low will help lessen your disappointment, says Ganesha. However, the evening is likely to be as refreshing as your day was depressing, with all the socialising in store for you. A rollicking party awaits you with good food, wine and music as accompaniments.