Sunday Nov 15-2020

Aries : Today, you may simply take a day off to be with your spouse or kids. You may even want to catch up with relatives living in your vicinity. Your loved ones will be mighty happy and pleasantly surprised, and Ganesha approves.

Taurus : You are likely to succeed in everything you start today, predicts Ganesha. Financial transactions will be both satisfying and profitable in the afternoon. The day may not turn out to be as exciting as you may have expected. A thrilling evening will compensate for a rather tiring day, expects Ganesha.

Gemini : Today, luck is on your side. In the afternoon, you will remain reserved and subdued. But as the day progresses, you will be a different person altogether. You will transform into an enterprising and outgoing person. At work, you will impress your bosses with your brilliance, predicts Ganesha.

Cancer : Your day will revolve around your spouse and matters related to him/her. Thanks to the love and warmth that he/she will shower on you, you may not want to go to work, and you would expect the same from him/her. Don’t push it, unless both of you can take a break from work without any harm done to your day’s tasks. A good day to plan a mini-vacation. Around afternoon, you will get some good news from distant relatives.

Leo : Everything comes with a price tag, and the price of success is hard work. So sweat it out, says Ganesha; it is in your stars today. You may feel as if you are being made to work extremely hard in order to meet your targets, and the dividends you get may not seem to justify the efforts. But that should not cause you anxiety and trouble. Remember that good things come only to those who are patient. So, it is wise to play a waiting game in partnership matters today, advises Ganesha.

Virgo : You are most likely to hit the mark and accomplish what you set out to do today. Work pressures will have no bearing whatsoever on you. The secret, says Ganesha, is in being patient.

Libra : Remember back when you were a kid? Maybe you don’t, not everything at least. But don’t worry, today, in all probability, you shall have a new revelation about your childhood. At work, you will demonstrate exactly who you are through your intelligence. In this same honest vein, you will express your sincerest feelings and emotions to your loved ones, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : You will gain new admiration as a manager of human resources. In business, long overdue financial arrears may return. At the end of the day, you shall be satisfied with the way you balanced work and home, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Your role in bringing around important and influential deals will be pivotal indeed, says Ganesha. However, at work, the final result may not actually be up to the standards you expected. But a pleasant evening with your beloved will clear all such shadows and lighten your mood.

Capricorn : The pace and meticulousness with which you deal with work will leave your colleagues and subordinates in awe, says Ganesha. People will look up to you and respect you for your ability to handle efficiently the cumbersome work that seems deadening to most other people. Your boss will be just as impressed and may reward you for your efforts. Fun and entertainment await you in the evening.

Aquarius : Mark this date on the calendar, as it may turn out to be the most important day in your life. A windfall is expected make your day brighter, says Ganesha. Good luck will follow you through out the day, as your hard work will be paid off with rewards and awards at work. Enjoy the good times, as every day is not the same day.

Pisces : Today is likely to be an extremely competitive and demanding day for you. You need to be extremely careful in how you go about doing your tasks, so as to not give anyone a chance to pick out mistakes in your work. You will feel like taking a break from work during the later part of the day and go visit some nearby places, says Ganesha.