Monday  Sep 28-2020

Aries : You love meeting people, says Ganesha, and you are going to have a wonderful time interacting with the most brilliant people today. You remain a perfectionist as ever, and may spend a fortune to buy that ‘perfect’ gift to please your sweetheart!

Taurus : Communication may be poignant with your loved ones today, says Ganesha. Your unpretentious character will seek to safeguard the feelings of others from being hurt. You will learn that total agreement is sometimes twice as seductive in love’s intimacies, feels Ganesha.

Gemini : Today, you would want to take your beloved into your embrace and confidence. You will whisper your feelings and secrets into his/her ears as you hold him/her. There are other things though, in your list of preoccupations, education being the topmost. You will be widely appreciated for your artistic bend. Your incredible energy levels will see you through a very eventful day.

Cancer : Today you may behave quite aggressively for most part of the day, predicts Ganesha. You may spend the afternoon with your business associates, and if you can use your aggression in a controlled manner, you can secure a very important deal today. In the evening, you will be on cloud nine, with your partner blowing you away with his/her love.

Leo : Old is gold. This adage holds true for you in that you shall be led by conventional wisdom today. Your ability to stay upbeat is peaking just at the right time, and you shall be supremely confident about your chances of a brilliant future. This shall reduce the tension in your work and go a long way in helping you enjoy warmth and affection later in the evening, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Opening up to your beloved about your whims and fancies, as well as your goals, is the key today. Energy levels will hit the sky today. Pay due reverence to higher education and social customs. People will look up to your epicurean tastes, especially in the performing kinds.

Libra : When it comes to your children, no pain is too much. Today seems to justify that statement as you may indeed take pains to improve your children’s welfare. But it’s all worth the effort in the end. Afternoon brings with it the possibility of happiness and success. You may make worthwhile material progress today. Also, meditation might take up much of your time. Overall, it’s a fulfilling day, portends Ganesha.

Scorpio : You will understand the importance of creating a divide between your personal and professional life, feels Ganesha. On the professional front, your diligence and commitment to work will bring praise and benefits. Later in the evening, you will celebrate your success with your sweetheart. A candlelit dinner and some champagne will be the icing on the cake.

Sagittarius : Matters concerning family bonds will keep you occupied for most part today. Be sure to make all your loved ones feel special. Early in the day, those with whom love’s labour has been lost might try to end all connections. Proceed with caution when it comes to children, advises Ganesha. Make sure tension does not escalate within the family.

Capricorn : Certain distasteful events occurring during the day may spoil your mood, but it won’t really show in your work, and you will get over that phase sooner than you may have thought, says Ganesha. An unusual day, indeed. You can expect some good news from abroad, something you may have expected long back. Your spouse will be very understanding and supportive of your decisions.

Aquarius : A sunny day and a starry night! Today is for friends, says Ganesha. You chat, sing, yell, and even talk philosophy, values and politics with your pals. You may indulge in a romantic evening with your partner, either in a restaurant or at the beach, or simply on the sofa watching Clark Gable woo Scarlet O’ Hara.

Pisces : Your focus today will be on finalising your plans for buying a new house. Purchasing new furniture, or planning on renovating your home will also take up a considerable chunk of your time. Make sure you do not fail to account for the savings you need to make for your future needs in this entire process, says Ganesha.