Tuesday  Aug 25-2020

Aries : You are going to make full use of your silver-tongued sleekness today! Your power of expression will be appreciated, especially by the opposite sex, and you will thoroughly enjoy the attention. Ganesha advises a little meditation to help balance your inner and outer worlds.

Taurus : There is a good chance that you will be able to make changes at your workplace that you had desired since a long time. You will be generous with gifts and favours, which will go down well with your loved ones (though not with your bank balance!). You will win favours from the opposite sex later in the day, says Ganesha.

Gemini : A day filled with love, tenderness and delight — the kind of day when babies are born, families reunite, and good news never stops pouring in. However, the afternoon may be a little rough on a day, which will be, otherwise, high on happiness. Get ready for a surprise from your sweetheart. A candlelit dinner? Shhh… Ganesha doesn’t want to spoil the fun. Have a delightful evening.

Cancer : You will take advantage of your ability to influence people, predicts Ganesha. At work, your power to communicate will receive widespread approval. You will enjoy social activities later in the day. Meditation will help you relieve your tension in the evening, suggests Ganesha.

Leo : There are many milestones that one covers during the course of one’s life, but it is usually the moment of love that one always remembers fondly, says Ganesha. It is quite likely that today will be one such memorable day that ushers in a turning point in your love life. Chances are that you will be busy with arranging a get-together with friends and relatives. After all, what is joy unless you have shared it with the people in your life.

Virgo : Mission: Finding an exciting relationship. Status: Accomplished. And so Ganesha smiles. At office, outshine others with both words and actions. Bewitch people with your arsenal of sweet nothings and charm your way to win their hearts in the evening, says Ganesha.

Libra : Handling people was never so easy, points out Ganesha, as today, you do extremely well in the area of public relations. You have the answers to satisfy all, and keep them that way. So, do not be surprised if you happen to find yourself assigned to some sort of a probing and demanding job at work. When you are the best, you always seem to get the raw deal. Carry your charm forward to the evening, and sweep the opposite sex off their feet with your appeal, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : You are likely to pay maximum attention to family, friends and relatives, predicts Ganesha. On the academic front, children will perform exceptionally well in examinations. You may invest money in land and home. In the evening, you will find time to cool your heels and enjoy the pursuit of pleasure, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Today, your actions are definitely going to be louder than your words, predicts Ganesha. Your focus today would be on personality development and self-improvement, and you success to achieve what you want, to some extent. Good luck!

Capricorn : Where there is a will there is a way. True, but even if it’s an action driven by a strong will, a dying man cannot wage a war. You will have to be extra careful about your health today, says Ganesha. This besides, you are likely to strike a profitable deal with your clients, which may turn out to be a big achievement for your company. This will also be the right time to indulge in entertaining pursuits.

Aquarius : Today may give you an all-time high! The day will prove important with regard to your future. Sudden and unexpected profits are on the cards, and recognition and rewards at your workplace will make you happy. Ganesha says that you should enjoy it while it lasts.

Pisces : You will implement abstract ideas into practice with the all the finesse of a feverish modern-day artist today. The evening will find you satisfied with and unquestioning about your place in the universe; you will also acknowledge God for the small mercies he gifts you on an everyday basis, says Ganesha.