Friday July 31-2020

Aries : Your temper will be volcanic today. You’re ready to pop and bust at the snap of a finger; but it just won’t do. Instead of punching your boss, Ganesha suggests you burn that energy clocking a hundred laps at a pool side or simply run back home. Yes, all the 22 miles!

Taurus : There is an unexpected occurrence waiting at every bend and turn in your path today. With maturity for sword and mellowness as shield, you will sift through everything that life throws at you. Some long-standing problems will also be solved by today evening, says Ganesha.

Gemini : It is possible that your emotional nature is the cause of many of the problems currently plaguing you. Therefore you need to curb your emotions when reacting to any situation. You will concentrate on family matters today, and spend time with your family. It is a progressive day overall, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Meditation will be the order of the day. Your need to find inner peace is likely to push you to look inward and explore the alternate school of thought. You are likely to get inclined towards the mystical and the metaphysical. There may be a few health issues; Ganesha, however, wants you to understand that a certified doctor is still a better bet than a witch doctor. You may find yourself a little short on cash around afternoon. By evening, however, everything will be as usual and you may use it for making future plans.

Leo : Today, you shall have the unique ability to put up with any disparity and inequity, predicts Ganesha. Blessed with this, you can look forward to a seemingly endless number of favours and wonders later in the day. Speaking of love, your partner can expect a lot of serene words from you, even as you live up to his/her expectation, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Today will be an unusually lucky day full of unexpected things, but you will manage to tackle them all with great maturity. If someone takes you for granted, they will later regret their lack of good judgement as you don’t like being pushed around. Ganesha says persistence in your attempt to find answers to long-pending issues will bear results before the end of the day.

Libra : It’s not the Olympics, but for those associated with sports, today, you may come across the opportunity to stake your claim to fame. Also, expect the unexpected and be prepared for a lot of different turn of events in the afternoon. Ganesha can tell that you are brimming to the top with energy and enthusiasm in the evening. Keep it so, as it will help you strike a great balance between business and pleasure. It’s like you are in top form today!

Scorpio : It’s time to live your dreams. You may just land up in your dream house or drive in a plush car, you once dreamt of. Evening time is spared for family and loved ones, says Ganesha. You may even go shopping to buy object de art for your new cosy corner.

Sagittarius : Ganesha says the day will be eventful and full of excitement. Differences in opinion might just crop up at work, but don’t let them dampen your spirit. A romantic, candlelit dinner with your beloved could well be the high point of your day. You are set to make an impact on your near and dear ones.

Capricorn : It is your day today! You’ll feel like everything is coming your way, without you making any effort whatsoever. Though sub-consciously, you will want to showcase your talents and achievements to impress people around. And, you will succeed at that, says Ganesha.

Aquarius : Excellence is the buzzword today! But that implies only to your work and not to the results. Nothing earth-shattering is on the cards, so slog away. Kids may howl or your spouse may yell in the evening, but you will simply pull your feet up and relax!

Pisces : It is a day where you are likely to be busy in tempering frayed relationships or indulging in tempestuous secretive affairs. Either way, the expenses incurred on the same will return to haunt you at the end of the day, says Ganesha.


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