Monday June 29-2020

Aries : You realise it’s a good thing to share the secrets of your success. Whatever you give, says Ganesha, will come back to you multiplied by nine. Now that you seek to be open and accommodating, more respect will come your way.

Taurus : Today will be a day of nostalgia as all your good memories bring a smile to your face. You might encounter a few problems that will drive you to the edge of the cliff. Do not delay pending conversations with your better half and bring affection to the table when you do so, says Ganesha.

Gemini : There are strong indications that today will be an action-packed day for you, says Ganesha. Though you will be burdened with a lot of responsibilities, you will be able to show your family members how much you care for them. New relationships will also develop in the evening.

Cancer : Early today, you may spend a great deal of time thinking about your career and future, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you will device a plan on how to go about it, and by evening, you may even put the plan into action. You will spend some time with the near and dear ones.

Leo : Champagne, anyone? Well, Ganesha seems to favour a good celebration today as you give a major boost to your reputation in your chosen field. You will bring success and glory to all your associates. Do not be misled by the initial stress of your workplace, as it shall fade away with the passage of day. Let love and affection of your loved ones be the highlight of your day, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Reap and harvest the good things in your life. You may seem to arrive at your wits’ end today. Ganesha predicts that you will probably sort all of it when you sit down with your better half and discuss the issues at hand.

Libra : Does money really matter when compared to your loved ones? You might be asking yourself this question at some point in time during the day, foresees Ganesha. Chances are high that today, you may be at the receiving end of some sort of financial loss accelerated by someone close to you. Arguments with your siblings over property issues might take centre-stage, but you need to be belligerent towards them in the afternoon. The best advice Ganesha can offer today is for you to keep your emotions under check.

Scorpio : The day will usher refreshing changes into your personal life, foresees Ganesha. No matter which side of the bed you woke up on, the day promises to present itself in a cheerful light. You will build and enjoy harmonious and cordial relations with your peers at work. Intimacy and pleasure in love relations at night will be the perfect ending for a delightful day.

Sagittarius : Business tycoons, be ready to scale new heights today! Ganesha sees a fantastic day of massive business growth. In the afternoon, your professionalism will be held in high esteem by friends and foe alike. You may also take your first step in exploring new territories by launching new products in the market, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : You will be brimming over with power and energy, so much so that you may go head first into a new business venture, something that can match your ability and bring you the desired satisfaction. Pending work will be done away with, leaving you more time for recreation, says Ganesha.

Aquarius : As the day begins, you will be irritated and troubled by the most trivial of matters. But you won’t let it hamper your pace and sincerely pursue your goals. Evening promises some kind of monetary windfall. Make full use of opportunities on the career front, if any, says Ganesha.

Pisces : Your cauldron of conflicts boils over, says Ganesha. At work, confrontations with your peers are a distinct possibility. Domestically, property related squabbles with your siblings are possible. Your family will be the cause of some monetary loss today. Keep a calm head.