Saturday June 27-2020

Aries : Today, love will be a delightful thing for you. You would want to spend all your time with friends and family, not to forget your Lhasa Apso. This doesn’t go down well with your peers, who may think you’re a shirker, says Ganesha.

Taurus : There is a bright chance that you will have a both thoughtful and rewarding day today, predicts Ganesha. Do not get upset should things not work in your favour; keep in mind that today is not apocalypse. There are strong indications that planetary movements will change things for the better, hopes Ganesha.

Gemini : There are chances that you will take a break from the routine to recharge your batteries today, feels Ganesha. In the afternoon, children will bring home delight and joy. Second half of the day will strengthen your financial position. You may get a little emotional in the evening, feels Ganesha.

Cancer : Today, your loved ones will prove again how much they love you. It’s high time you stopped doubting the intentions of your family members. It’s time to start over, start afresh and start giving back the love and trust that your loved ones give you.

Leo : Today, you will think with your heart, not with your mind, says Ganesha. While that is a good thing sometimes, it may blur your analytical logic. If you happen to be in the business of money-lending, you can be assured of a fantastic afternoon wherein you will rake in profits. Just remember that there is no substitute for hard work. Find relief from the daily humdrum by going on a vacation, suggests Ganesha.

Virgo : Lady Luck is your date for the day today. Good tidings bear their way to you from distant lands, and may be across the seas too. Chances are you make take an initiative to let the cat of love out of the bag. Your outlook will be free of confusion today, says Ganesha.

Libra : For every matter, there is a particular solution unique to it. With your systematic approach to things, you are a firm believer of this statement. And it is a good thing too, since today, this habit shall help you grab the limelight at work, says Ganesha. In the second-half of the day, your eye for detail will go a long way in enhancing your insight. You will spend the evening buying electronic gadgets: the latest cellphone or music player, you have your eyes set on something along those lines today.

Scorpio : You will tackle work and commitments with a renewed zeal today, says Ganesha. Your enthusiasm will catch on at the workplace, contagious and inspiring as it is. On the career front, things will look up later in the day and opportunities will shower a plenty. Take a break when the stress begins to pile and indulge in some leisure activity of your liking.

Sagittarius : Your nerves are taut, and you are more aware than ever of things around you. Your spiritual side gets a major boost today. On the career front, expect it to be busy day giving interviews for better prospects. In the evening, your charm might just have a few women dangling by your side at places you party.

Capricorn : Your extraordinary sense of humour will keep those around you amused throughout the day, so much so that they will look forward to spending more time with you in the future as well, says Ganesha. Also, your ability to solve problems with ease will impress many. Widening social network and maintaining healthy relations with them all will benefit you in numerous ways.

Aquarius : Today is reserved for outlining projects that will ultimately shape your future. You may want to chalk out a plan for your education, job, or even a relationship. Later in the day, you may get lucky with sudden and unexpected profits. If you’re a professional, there are rewards galore, expects Ganesha.

Pisces : If legal hassles have been troubling you of late, they are likely to reach a satisfactory conclusion today, says Ganesha. Your finances look good. Family matters will keep you busy in the afternoon. Your evenings are likely to be filled with music or dance classes.