Tuesday June 02-2020

Aries : Okay, so the plans you chalked out have not delivered any results. Today, you may want to do a rethink. By noon, you may put things in place, and this will fire your confidence. Ganesha says this is what life is about — try, try, try, until you succeed.

Taurus : It is a day of dreaming and doing, says Ganesha. Your ideas will click at work and help you shine through today. You will impress the boss with elegance and spend the evening with champagne and your love-struck beloved.

Gemini : Family comes first for you, and today will be no different. You will be preoccupied by thoughts of providing comforts and luxuries to your family members, says Ganesha. At the workplace, your ability to take initiatives will benefit you. A grand dinner with those close to you is also on the cards.

Cancer : Today, you will show others, literally, how to be successful in life, feels Ganesha. The example that you will set here is likely to become a benchmark for your company. Despite your tendency of getting into confrontations with your seniors, you are likely to be compliant and cooperative at work. In the evening, you will see yourself socialising and bumping into an unusually large number of known faces. Ganesha advises you to divide your time equally among business, responsibilities and pleasure.

Leo : You are destined to play the superhero, at least as far as trade and commerce are concerned. Ganesha feels that today, you shall be more tied up in your daily work than is usual. But the upshot of it all is that all your actions seem to get the desired approval as the day progresses. Even your financial prospects will grow from strength to strength. Once workplace is under control, you may look forward to a positive spin in your personal relationships, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Ganesha predicts an imaginative and fruitful day for you at the workplace. You will feel your professional best in the afternoon. With your elegance, you will manage to put your ideas across the table and win the approval of your boss. You may pamper your beloved lavishly later in the evening.

Libra : Today, it is rather unlikely that you will get whatever you wish for. Internal strife with people around you may dominate your workplace, but you shall be able to negotiate this tough state of affairs with deftness, predicts Ganesha. Patience is your key to get over psychological turmoil.

Scorpio : Small problems and tiny things will keep you on your feet as you tackle them with tact and precision. On the family front, you will enjoy marital bliss as you communicate on a spiritual level with your partner. You may end up planning a romantic vacation for the near future. On the whole, it will be an animated and lively day, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Cash transactions will ‘flow’ your way. Money comes easy to itching palms, says Ganesha, and you will enjoy the green scene as you take stock of your finances with precision. Beware of people with a negative attitude as it might inflict worry on your fortunes, says Ganesha.

Capricorn : You will be all focused and ready to shoulder the burden of piling work which, by now, would have got unwieldy, foresees Ganesha. In fact, the never-ending work pressure will have frustrated you to such an extent that you wouldn’t mind spending an entire day cracking your brains over each of those dreadful files. But once you call it a day, there will be something exciting to make up for the hours of hard work; your love affair may culminate into physical intimacy. Be at your seductive best and try all you want, but don’t forget the safety measures!

Aquarius : Today is a day for creative expression! Sing away to glory, for you may discover you have a wonderful voice. Focus and precision are your best tools today, says Ganesha. But some event may cast a shadow over your clarity in the evening.

Pisces : You might as well drive into a brick wall and hope it is spongy, as expect to achieve a lot of success today. However, this does not mean that you ought to give up. Indeed, it is the Herculean efforts that you put in today that will bring you many laurels and much appreciation, as well as stupendous success in the near future, says Ganesha.