Thursday Mar 26-2020

Aries : Emotions always pose obstacles. When things go wrong, life seems dispirited. But Ganesha advises you to look at the positive side of things, like the food on the dining table or the clothes in your wardrobe, and you will thank God for granting you a blessed life.

Taurus : This day your energy levels are likely to be below par. You may tend to be restless, inactive, and averse to exerting yourself in any way. Routine tasks, even the important ones could remain unattended. But, says Ganesha, you will try to pull yourself together later in the day, make amends by trying to do something meaningful. Towards this end, success will smile upon you.

Gemini : Emotions and love will be the keywords in your life today. You will be easily swept away in a flow of feelings. You will trust others easily, and this could be harmful to you later. You are likely to be betrayed by someone close to you. You need to be wary of hidden enemies, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Will be fruitful to adopt the middle path today. Or else, you tend to take a hasty decision with your heart and not mind. That will throw up many riddles in the future. A fruitful day for artists and creative people. At the end of the day, you will be happy and jovial.

Leo : You will be in the mood to provide assistance to others, however you may not be able to succeed in your endeavour. The later half of the day will see your doubts melt away and the picture will become much more clearer. You will need to work hard to attain desired results today, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Ganesha says that in all likelihood, today will see a lot of action on all fronts. Regarding business matters, it will be a fruitful day. Later in the evening, you may want to go into seclusion and refuse to meet people.

Libra : Ganesha says that you will finally get ready to propose to your beloved today. To attract your future life partner you will try to improve your appearance too. You will try to get emotionally closer to your loved one by sharing your past happy memories with them.

Scorpio : Ganesha foresees that you make many positive changes in your attitude and behaviour today. And you are happy to realise that your new avatar has definitely proved to be a boon for you. In case of any doubts, ask your family and friends, who are all praises for the new you!

Sagittarius : Family and friends take a back seat today as your inclination and faith in spirituality grows stronger. You may come across few unavoidable expenses, foresees Ganesha. In the evening, you may plan to visit a holy place or a temple to seek spiritual peace.

Capricorn : Personally as well a professionally, you’ll have the best of both worlds today, assures Ganesha. Some unexpected turn of events will keep you charged up. As the day progresses, you will come across more and more such events that will keep you in a happy mood.

Aquarius : You have set your eyes firmly on your goal and the support of your friends and family members will help you stay motivated. At work, pressure may be mounting but you are not complaining as you have all the fire and energy it requires to deal with the load of work, feels Ganesha. Keep up the spirit; it will help you reach your destination.

Pisces : It is best to avoid speculating in the stock market today, as the risks you take today are unlikely to bear fruit. On the contrary you could end up having to face heavy losses. On the personal front, you will be busy entertaining and being entertained and will have some of the best moments of your life, says Ganesha.