Wednesday Jan 15-2020

Aries : Your convincing powers are so great that you can even convince people to do what they don’t want to do. Today these powers will bear remarkable results. You realise the need to improve your home and your personality. Ganesha says today you will take some concrete steps in this direction.

Taurus : This day you are going to be very creative, very imaginative in all that you do. Ganesha assures you that your skills and talents will be amply recognized and rewarded. Your colleagues and superiors are going to be pleasantly amazed at the way you perform today. They will rally round and offer their help and support. Later in the day you are likely to make plans for studying abroad. Encouraging news from overseas is distinctly in the cards.

Gemini : You will feel the urge to chuck your daily routine and spend time leisurely with your friends and family, entertaining and being entertained. You may also decide to embark upon a trip. The number of guests turning up at your place will increase. Family time is here to stay, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You will plan for a good future. You mobilise all resources. Be warned, before taking a step, counsels Ganesha. Beware of middlemen and agents to save yourself from a major financial loss.

Leo : You will be busy dealing with health-related issues. You need to watch your diet carefully. You will work with a feeling of responsibility. You will become more serious about your work. Everything will go smoothly in your personal life, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Today will be a day full of emotions and insights into love. Despondency may trouble you all through the day. However, Ganesha advises you to remain unaffected by it in your work. At your workplace you will be in great demand as a problem solver.

Libra : Ganesha says that today will be spent in entertaining, throwing parties and in general having a good time. You will be able to plan a trip in the near future with your family members. You may be able to put your money into something that is safe or into a business and will also want to invest a good amount for future needs.

Scorpio : Make it a point to believe only what you see and believe to avoid confusions and confrontations, says Ganesha. Keep your eyes and ears open, so you do not miss out on important happenings around you.

Sagittarius : Ganesha foresees a profitable day in the calender of all the businessmen. It’s time to live your dream as the loan you were waiting for has been sanctioned now. Along with your near and dear ones, you will make your beloved feel special. Make memories and cherish the time you spent together.

Capricorn : Hard-work never goes unnoticed and so will be yours. Your superiors will appreciate your talents and contribution to the progress of the company, predicts Ganesha. Supportive and cooperative, your colleagues will help you tread the path you have chosen. Though everything around you appears to be rosy, you may still feel bored and dissatisfied, and wish to change your present job.

Aquarius : There are times when nothing goes as per you plans and all you get at the end is sheer disappointment. Be prepared, if today is one of those unfavourable days, warns Ganesha. Problems at work place can be solved with diligence, patience, and positive approach. Keep your chin up and deal with the difficult times.

Pisces : It is in your nature to love and care for others, and hence people will be extremely fond of you in return too. You will feel like helping others and forgetting and forgiving past wrongs. Post afternoon is a good time to sit down with your family and talk about important issues that need your attention, says Ganesha.