Saturday Dec 30-2019

Aries : You have decided to give more importance to your inner voice, and Ganesha feels it’s a good thing. It supports you to strive for perfection in whatever you do. You will remain your sensible and realistic self. A little adventure will not hurt, says Ganesha.

Taurus : In all probability, you will come across as extremely prudent today, feels Ganesha. Your common sense will prevail over your intellect this afternoon. Things will probably change for the better during the course of the day. Loved ones will shower you with care and concern in the evening.

Gemini : Unlike the last few days, today will be hectic and demanding. You will need to attend a few social get-togethers and functions. Socializing with friends and relatives is on the cards. However, you need to be careful about your health. Expenses on medicines are indicated, says Ganesha.

Cancer : The day begins with worship and havan. In the evening, guests will throng your house for a celebration You will feel sad as your trusted ones will not give you a vital clue or some important information promptly. Ganesha advises you keep away from other’s affairs.

Leo : You will be worried on account of issues related to your business. You need to work in the right direction to solve these issues. You will be able to put an end to your concerns with the right attitude. You will be unable to finish your tasks unless you concentrate fully upon your projects, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Ganesha predicts that your leadership qualities may come to the fore today, and you may control the work agenda. You may go window-shopping in the afternoon, checking out on gifts that you want to give to your beloved. And in the evening, you will spend the time discussing your long-term goals with a close member of your family or a good friend.

Libra : The Darwinian legacy of the ‘supremacy game’ takes on a new turn for you today. Ganesha expects you to find a progressive and lenient side to yourself later in the day. This will enable you to achieve phenomenal career growth, and make you virtually indispensable in office. ‘Go get them tiger!’ says Ganesha.

Scorpio : A fair-weather day today. Fair winds will help you fare well, says Ganesha. You can hazard to expect astonishing financial gains in business dealings today. Academic learning curve will be exponential today. In spite of all, you remain sensitive and understanding, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Unlike chirpy and cheerful, you will be in a grumpy mood today; blame it on the office’s petty issues, says Ganesha. Another thing that linger on your mind would be financial matters. Keep yourself balanced and let nothing affect you.

Capricorn : You are practical and wise. With your worldly wisdom and intellect at display, you will be able to guide your near and dear today, says Ganesha. Your belief of working in a harmonious environment will inspire you to spread the message of love, peace, and joy. The extraordinary management skills that you possess will ensure cordial and healthy relationships.

Aquarius : Your curiosity will work wonders for you today. You have spent a lot of time and energy for planning your future, be it a business venture or higher studies, and now you will start executing those plans, foresees Ganesha. Keep working hard, you will surely get the rewards for your efforts.

Pisces : While no major troubles ought to crop up to disturb your peace of mind, you will still find yourself dealing with a few minor irritants at the workplace today. Delay the start of long-term projects for a more opportune time. The evening should probably see you socialising and relaxing with good food, wine and music, says Ganesha.