Sunday  July 29-2018

Aries : Common sense is a good thing, especially when deciding about the future. So by all means, do your calculations: take advice, check out your astrological reading. But finally, says Ganesha, let your common sense guide you.

Taurus : This day, your expenses are likely to outrun your budget, your earnings. So says Ganesha. In terms of expenditure, the situation can very well get out of hand, causing you a lot of monetary anxieties. Think twice before spending even a penny. If you have surplus funds in your hand, it is advisable to invest them sensibly instead of frittering them away uselessly. Remember, forewarned is forearmed.

Gemini : A fantastic day to enter into all kinds of partnerships, open joint accounts, strike deals, and make future plans, says Ganesha. Though your relationship with your spouse has been under some strains, today, you are likely to start working towards resolving those issues.

Cancer : Today, in all likelihood, is going to be a challenging and complicated day for you, says Ganesha. You are likely to be a little short on confidence; either that, or you may be feeling a little subdued. You may not be as assertive as required on certain issues. On the personal front, you may spend a lot of time reflecting upon the ways of finding happiness in your relationships.

Leo : You will take important decisions relating to some partnership today. A progressive day at the workplace awaits. Traders may face some financial constraints however. The stress of over-work may tie you down. So do not bite off more than you can chew, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Ganesha foresees you up the ante today. You will set new limits for yourself and break existing barriers today. The afternoon may see you being alarmed about the health of your finances. Trivial matters will spoil your spirits, but attain the next level by spending the evening in spiritual well-being.

Libra : When it comes to your children, no pain is too much. Today seems to justify that statement as you may indeed take pains to improve your children’s welfare. But it’s all worth the effort in the end. Afternoon brings with it the possibility of happiness and success. You may make worthwhile material progress today. Also, meditation might take up much of your time. Overall, it’s a fulfilling day, portends Ganesha.

Scorpio : Your beloved will pulsate with pangs of passion, and even you won’t remain unaffected for long, says Ganesha. Your skills in negotiating will help you save a huge chunk of money. Some quiet and prosperity at home will help you relax. Ganesha expects you to turn up with fantastic new ideas to fight your way out of sticky situations.

Sagittarius : Wield the baton and conduct proceedings today, says Ganesha. You may enrol yourself in a personality development course to hone your skills. But a small, out-of-synch, unexpected chord may spoil the sonata for you today. But remember, there is always hope.

Capricorn : Whether or not your business will prosper will depend on how decisive you are, says Ganesha. Besides, it’s time to test the potential of subordinates you have appointed, and see if they can deliver their best. And if they meet your standards, you can expect quick returns by the end of the day.

Aquarius : You may get a chance to fulfill some promises today. Those of you in the legal profession will find things going well for them. You aim to excel in whatever you do, and if nothing else, you will derive huge work satisfaction. Some good news by afternoon will lighten the day, says Ganesha.

Pisces : While you have cultivated a wide network of acquaintances, it is that core group you have nurtured over the years that will stand you in good stead now. In times of need, it is good to know that you can bank on their support. Today, you will get your chance to experience the benefits of their friendship, says Ganesha.