Sunday Jan 07-2018

Aries : You will make material progress today, says Ganesha. Naturally, you want to share this abundance with your family. Ganesha suggests you give them more quality time. You may also want to take time out to pray and meditate and thank the almighty for favours received.

Taurus : Family matters might be the blinkers on your eyes today. Your temperament and maturity will help you deal with emotional issues. Your power and panache may partly yield expected results. There is a likelihood of some serious action in the bedroom tonight, mostly verbal though.

Gemini : You will begin a long-lasting romantic relationship today. Also, you will stay ecstatic and highly motivated throughout the day. In the afternoon, you will successfully avoid any confrontation with those who irk you to no end. That, says Ganesha, is the right way to cultivate patience.

Cancer : Today, there is likely to be a twist in your tale. Something is going to happen that is likely to make your life turn a corner. It may be a major breakthrough or a seemingly innocuous accident, but your life is likely to change significantly.

Leo : Resist that urge to pop a pill and call in sick, because no matter how much you wish, escaping from reality is not the way to go, says Ganesha. Yes, there are chances that you shall remain in a pensive mood today with a multitude of thoughts fighting to occupy space inside your head. Work shall be a constant feel-good area as you share valuable moments with your peers, and progress as expected. Ganesha portends a pleasant evening in the company of the opposite sex. So cheer up, there is lots to look forward to.

Virgo : Lady Luck is your date for the day today. Good tidings bear their way to you from distant lands, and may be across the seas too. Chances are you make take an initiative to let the cat of love out of the bag. Your outlook will be free of confusion today, says Ganesha.

Libra : You will spin out a plan on a daily basis and prefer to go with the flow, predicts Ganesha. The afternoon may see your peers giving you some bit of unnecessary tension due to approaching deadlines. In the evening, you may consider spending some time meditating to attain peace of mind.

Scorpio : You will bank upon instinct, and spur-of-the-moment decisions will rule all action today, feels Ganesha. You will find yourself lacking focus at work and this might cause problems in the days to come. When it comes to relationships, actions will speak louder than words. Evening promises to be more exciting as you find solace in the arms of a beloved.

Sagittarius : Ganesha suggests you get down to looking your dashing best. Preen that plumage and make heads turn. Your social standing, on the other hand, will add that extra jazz. Talking fast and smooth might just help you effect a robust consummation.

Capricorn : When work starts to give nightmares, even meditation cannot restore the peace of mind. You are likely to have a similar kind of harrowing experience at work today, says Ganesha. But the day won’t be completely dulling. It’s an auspicious day if you have plans to buy a house or a car. You may also move to a new house some time soon.

Aquarius : Today is just not your day. Accept that nothing will work perfectly, and get on. Any bickering at your workplace can be sorted out with tact. And patience will help you tide over difficult situations. Ganesha wishes you all the best!

Pisces : The focus today is on your spouse. You may mutually give and receive pleasant surprises today. You are likely to take stock of your present and prepare for the future today, but be sure to do so in conjunction with your better half. Your business partners may bring you some good news, says Ganesha.



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