Hope sustains life

Niraj Dubey

It is well said by Thomas Fuller “Great hopes make great men”. It is clear that life is not a bed of roses, nor is it an unending series of misfortunes, life is a struggle, a continuous struggle and a hope, one undertakes to realize one’s potential. Hope is a gift, not a burden; an exercise in companionship, not a lonely journey. Every man has a goal in his life. He needs to struggle, work hard and even sometimes burn the mid-night oil to achieve that goal. Struggle is the secret of man’s progress. A person who fails is a person who hopes. It is well said by Bernard Shaw, “He who has never hoped can never despair”. We do fail in the process, but it is hope that makes us try again and again until or unless we succeed. There is a famous Arabian Proverb “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything”. So, as far as we have hope, we are pretty much in the contest of achieving a goal. Hope is the essence of life. Many of us could not even live a life of peace without having hope deep inside the heart. Life is unpredictable, hard and quite notorious at times. Things go out of hand and beyond our control many times. Hope helps us keep the fight on and improves the chances of making our life better. Hope – the essence of life keeps our eyes wide open for an improved future. I know it’s very hard keeping up with the inner faith during the most critical times, but, those who never leave hope, actually make it till the end. Hope is the essence of life. No doubt life is a solid war zone. But it’s not too bad either. Try to keep your eyes full of dreams. Hope not only gives you the strength to overcome a pain, but it also makes the journey for the future easier. Let’s not worry about the fact that today is bad. Hope keeps us telling that tomorrow will be better than this. Hope is optimism. When I’m hopeful for anything, I’m thinking that sorrow and difficulty of today will soon end. Hope keeps us stay positive. As you know, our mind has lots of effects on our actions. If your mind tells you to stay strong on a path and not to lose courage, you will do so. So, hope gives a positive mind power. It generates an aura around you which protects you from the negatives. This is why; hope will always be the essence of life. It plays a role of foundation that sustains life. Every action of a man, either in infancy or old age, is based on some hope. A child weeps with a hope that his mother will feed him. A young man works hard with a hope of making it peaceful and comfortable. An old person becomes more conscious about his diet; exercise etc. to maintain good health and hopes for a longer life. A critically sick person, sometimes, shocks the whole medical science through his miraculous recovery simply because he had not stopped hoping even after being declared as a hopeless case. Islam has rightly declared hopelessness as sinfulness because life would become intolerable without hope. Hope helps us to ignore the sufferings of the present. When we stay positive about our future, and feel that we have to fight to win the problems, our probability to succeed increases. It happens because we fight trying to stay mentally strong and give our best efforts. It’s said hope, which is also your belief, is a deep sense hidden in our subconscious mind. Remember that our subconscious mind is the most powerful thing on this earth. With its help, you can make an impossible possible, or win a war, for example. A true hope or belief is unbreakable. You believe something good will happen. So, you may think that hope sustains life – or, does it? Can hope really sustain life when you’re feeling down and out, when corruption threatens to put paid to your dreams, or when a loved one is dying of a terminal disease? Or, are these three precious, life-saving words, “hope sustains life,” a mere balm to soothe someone else’s pain? As an encouraging force that stands in the face of negativity, hope is what remains when life is reduced to its positive core, the genesis of the conscious human mind – the driving force within. The intensity of this feeling can really change your present and future.
We, largely, perceive hope as what is left when everything positive fades away, a candle flickering in the midst of darkness. In this sense alone, hope is the sliver of light that shines at the end of a tunnel. It keeps a person committed to achieve an end, even when the means may be thought over again, or changed. Contrary to widespread understanding, hope is the result of both desire and expectation. Hope is not mere desire. So, if hope is to work, your expectation must match your desire. We are alive as far as we have hope in us. It is rightly said, “Hope sustains the world”. The author wants to conclude this article by this beautiful quote of James Grant,” Hope sustains life, but misplaced hope prolongs recessions.
(The author is Sr. faculty (CSE) & Warden-GCET- Jammu (J&K)