Honouring the tricolour

Not any intentionally but wholly due to absence of proper awareness among Government organisations, agencies and people – associated laws, practices and conventions needed to be adhered to while displaying the National tricolour , is what the central Government has rightly shared with the states and the UTs. Since Republic Day and celebrating it across the country is the occasion when in patriotic fervour and joy , the immediate way is to display the tricolour by the people on roof tops , buildings , vehicles and the like and during the process and afterwards , innocently , casually and even deliberately nothing should lead to dishonouring the tricolour. Tricolour is not only the national flag of the country but a sign depicting our national pride, glory, loyalty, commitment and even a symbol of the saga of sacrifices and sufferings undergone by the people for gaining independence from the British.
Hence any act of dishonouring the flag, whether recklessly or intentionally, must be viewed seriously and suitable action too taken against such persons. Directives in this respect having been passed on by the central Government to all states and the UTs , therefore, are much in tune with necessary steps required to be taken with regard to keeping up the dignity of the symbol of national esteem and identity. It is a sign of our confidence , hopes and aspirations keeping up the dignity of which and ensuring it kept flying majestically we must always remember those brave hearts of our armed forces who laid down their lives . It , therefore, enjoins upon each and every person, organisation, agency and institution to strictly follow the Flag Code of India.