Home Science career aspects

Dr. Archana Bhat, Prof. Vishav Deepika
Opting for home science as a college major may get many eyes rolling upward, wondering what could possibly lead you choose home making as a career. But you can look them in the eye and forgive them for their lack of knowledge.
Careers in home science exist galore. Most people think that Home Science is confined to mastering household activities, but the fact is that the field of home science has advanced considerably since its origin. Today, Home Science is a vibrant field of study that covers science, home economics as well as other aspects such as sociology, psychology, community living, nutrition, food biochemistry, microbiology, dietetics and fabrics textiles. The importance of Home Science is looked upon, as the study of managing household activities for a long time. It was looked down as a subject for girls, who do not have high career aspirations. But it is not the case. It is a mixture of art and science. Studying home science provides students with excellent career opportunities. Let us discuss the benefits of studying home science. Introducing home science as a compulsory subject at school level will aid to close the gender gap as both boys and girls can learn the nuances of running a home as well as taking care of the community at large.
Branches of home science
There are five major areas of specialization and many applied areas of specialisation in the Home Science:
* Food and Nutrition, applied branch: Dietetics and nutrition; dietetics and institutional management
* Resource Management, applied branch: community resource management and extension
* Fabric and Apparel Science , applied branch is fashion designing
* Human Development, applied branch is early childhood care and education
* Communication and Extension
Today, Home Science is so advanced that each specialization is a domain in its own with its areas of specialization and vocation/professional opportunities.
The career options after pursuing a home science course are provided below.
* Service and Tourism Industry
* Healthcare Industry
* Teaching and Research
* Production and food Industry
* Nutrition and dietetics
* Resource Management
* Clothing and Textile
List of Government departments offering jobs in Jammu
* Social Welfare Department
* Higher Education and School Education
* Health care and Hospitality Services
* Research and Development
* Old age and child care units/ projects (UNESCO, SAVE THE CHILDREN, WHO, ICDS)
* Rural Department
List of Under Graduate Level Courses after 12th Class
* B.Sc. in Home Science, B.Sc. in Home Science and Nutrition
* B A in Home Science
List of Post Graduate Level Courses after graduation
* M.Sc. in food and Nutrition; Human Development; CRME; Dietetics and Nutrition; Dietetics and Institutional Management; Textile and Fabrics
List of Doctoral Level Courses
* PhD in Home Science (in specialised field)
(The authors are from Department of Home Science Government Degree College for Boys Kathua)