Homage to the founder Editor

We, at Daily Excelsior today relive and look back with reverence, the founder editor of this paper, S.D. Rohmetra while commemorating his sixth death anniversary and pay radiant tributes to his enviable and historic contribution towards the field of journalism, both in the state as well as at the national level.
When perused in the light of a hindsight, we are in a position to get a sense of firm resolve, innovative faculties, sheer professionalism and clarity of vision he was all gifted with, while laying foundation of an English paper, first on weekly basis followed by its elevation to on daily basis, named the Daily Excelsior. The objective was attempting to excel in the pursuit of encompassing each and everything associated with focusing on optics of neat, fearless and impartial journalism, to cover topics directly related to the people, initially confined to Jammu readership because of initial dependence and patronage, gradually qualifying for the entire state and much beyond, in tune and congruence with the elasticity of readership response. In this job of tremendous importance under trying and challenging circumstances, S.D. Rohmetra’s leadership qualities, perspicuous vision and focused goal proved of embellishing levels.
That the paper should keep itself abreast of the ever changing dynamics of what happens around us on regional, state, national and even international horizon and carry it right up to our valued readers needed stewardship and the dexterity of the likes of S. D. Rohmetra. The adroitness and discernment of true journalistic pursuits to adopt, sustain and practice pure and neat journalism that is universally accepted as ideal, never compromising with its basics and setting asides unwanted caveats, has made the founder Editor of Excelsior claim the pedestal of doyen of journalism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir with imprints visible much beyond the state.
The journey of undertaking struggles, overcoming humps, facing difficulties and taking risks for a just and appropriate cause by S. D. Rohmetra and emerging triumphant is an example in itself to be emulated and worth developing a penchant for. This cardinal pillar of journalism has endeared Excelsior among the vast spectrum of readership, resulting in the paper claiming a special niche and the enviable place as being the largest circulated English Daily of the State.
Our state is unfortunately reeling under tremendous strains for the last nearly three decades of a proxy war thrust on us by our belligerent neighbour which definitely has the potential of affecting, if not with telling proportions, our development and progress and spreading misinformation and discord. Under such circumstances, the real test which the objective and fearless principled journalism has to take and keep the flag of truth fluttering and voicing against falsehood and that which should not be there, The Daily Excelsior has come up to the expectations of one and all, the credit of which goes to the most valuable legacy and the roadmap drawn by S.D. Rohmetra . The onerous task of taking it further with more vigour and zeal is on us which we are fully conscious of and are trying to fulfill with all the resources at our end. The traditions bequeathed by us from the founding Editor are our strengths and inspirations which would never deplete but keep on surging.
We are conscious of our duties and we are attempting to do the best possible to the entire satisfaction of our valued readers, in which a dedicated, experienced and committed members of Excelsior family are our equal partners in making that possible. Their buoyancy remains unshaken even during the gravest moments of challenges and difficulties.
We have to take along, always our valued readers without whose cooperation, suggestions and encouragements, we would have not reached the present levels. They are the ultimate deciders and judges of the levels of popularity, richness of contents, raising public issues, drawing apt attention of the law makers towards peoples’ problems and difficulties. While paying our emotional and rich tributes to S.D.Rohmetra, we reiterate our indebtedness to our readers and patrons.
—Kamal and Neeraj