Hiranandani Group launches ‘Tez Platforms’, invests Rs 1000 cr

Mumbai, Feb 15: Hiranandani Group on Tuesday announced its foray into the technology-led consumer services segment by setting up a new venture ‘Tez Platforms’ with an initial outlay of Rs 1000 crore.
“After a successful foray into Datacenters, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Technology offerings with Yotta Infrastructure, the Hiranandani Group is now ready to focus on broader technology-led consumer services with its new venture – Tez Platforms,” the company said in a statement issued here.
Tez Platforms will focus on large opportunities in the arena of social media, entertainment, gaming and e-sports, e-commerce, personal mobility, artificial intelligence and blockchain linked solutions.
“Tez’s initial outlay to launch the services this year will be approximately Rs 1000 crore. And over the next 2-3 years, we expect to invest approximately Rs 3,500 crore,” Hiranandani Group CEO Darshan Hiranandani said.
He further said that the company has a roadmap to launch two highly sought-after services in 2022, followed by another three in the next year.
“Tez Platforms will leverage synergies and talent from various Hiranandani Group entities but also has aggressive plans to hire over 250 employees in FY 2022,” Hiranandani added.
The group will also be working through its non-profits in arenas of skilling and training in the field of cloud solutions, cyber-security, and artificial intelligence.
We believe that the potential of digital has barely scratched the surface. In keeping with the Digital India vision of the Prime Minister and the Government, as echoed in the Union Budget 2022, we are widening our focus on technology-led, new-age services,” he said.
Hiranandani added that Yotta Infrastructure will continue to be the vehicle to invest in areas of cloud computing, interconnectivity, enterprise applications and enterprise cyber security technologies, which are enhanced by our hyperscale and edge datacenter roll-outs.
“Separately, through Tez Platforms we intend to incubate and work with leading technologies and partners (both domestic and global) in other areas as well, in the next steps of our journey, Hiranandani added. (UNI)