Himesh is a sweet, caring co-star: Puja Banerjee

MUMBAI : Actress Puja Banerjee says musician-actor Himesh Reshammiya is caring and goes out of his way to help his co-stars.
Puja, best known for playing Goddess Parvati on TV drama “Devon ke Dev- Mahadev”, is seen romancing Himesh in the title track of his new album “Aap se Mausiiquii”.
The 29-year-old actress says Himesh made her feel comfortable while shooting.
“He was very sweet. He let me do what I wanted do. He is the sweetest co-star. He made me feel comfortable. He used to ask me for suggestions and that translated into a great chemistry on screen.
“I remember I wasn’t well during the shoot and once it so happened that his shot was ready but he asked the crew to shoot my sequences first so that I can leave early. He is a very shy person so, people mistake his shyness for arrogance,” Puja said.
Happy with the response to the romantic video, Puja says she loved the way the video has been shot.
“The makers were looking for a face which can relate with the character; its purity, innocence and vulnerability. I am lucky enough that I got do this video. I love myself in the video. It shows a completely different side of me,” she said.
Earlier this year, Puja made her full-fledged Bollywood debut with “Great Grand Masti” and while the actress admits it is a risk to leave a flourishing career on television, she wants to concentrate on making it big in Bollywood as of now.
“Today, television is bigger than films, monetary wise and even in terms of fan following. You pick hit shows and you will find that the lead stars have fans across the globe. So, of course it is a risk that I have joined Bollywood but I feel it’s a risk worth taken.
“I am proud of my TV career but I won’t go back right now. If things go wrong, I know I have my television popularity to fall back on,” says Puja. (AGENCIES)


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