High Security Registration Number Plates

Uniformity in exhibiting specially devised high security registration number plates (HSRP) for vehicles plying on roads with no exceptions, is an ideal accomplishment of a revised Transport policy which each one of the vehicle owners must abide by. It is, moreover for the security and safety of the vehicle and in case of theft of a vehicle, easy retrieving and tracing out becomes easy by installing such revised number plates. It is needless to add that a different colour background etc is for commercial, private and other vehicles as regards newly devised registration number plates.
It is beyond comprehension as to why should the directives not be followed scrupulously by all the vehicle owners when it has been made strictly mandatory even there being strict directions from the Supreme Court of India in the subject matter. It is also strange that despite there being more authorised vendors for the job provided by the Government, a large number of vehicles are plying on the roads with the old type of registration number plates which is an offence under the law. May 15, 2019 is the new cut-off date for the new number plates fixing on the vehicles which will in all likelihood, not be extended.
There is an increasing need of a lot of changes, otherwise required to be made in the existing rules by the Transport Department apart from the mandatory HSRP guidelines which must attract the attention of the state Transport Department. These areas are unbridled and unwanted spree of honking on the roads even while there is a traffic jam. The menace of removing silencers from the motorcycles and driving at a fast speed even through residential lanes with hell of noise is becoming a peculiar type of menace, contributing to the noise pollution which must be viewed seriously and stopped.