Healthy democracy

No doubt, India is a largest democratic country but it does not mean that Indian democracy is the best one. It is true that this is not the era of rigging and frauds. Fair and free elections are conducted today. The eyes of the world media is on the Indian elections. What is hurting is that the election campaign in India, in general, does not stick to the rules and regulations of a healthy type of democracy. Elections are still fought on caste basis. Regionalism is another constituent of India democracy. Religion is still misused. Communalisation of politics is still exercised for getting votes. And most unfortunate part of this whole system is using the clamours of the separatist mindset.
Recently a politician who is claimed to be from a mainstream political party and has remained speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly showed his venomous outburst. To make the democracy further ugly a politician, not less than a chief minister, provoked Indianness.
The number of votes polled in the elections only does not prove that the democracy is of the healthy nature. The pivotal constituent of a good democracy is the quality of electioneering campaign and the lines on which the votes are polled. After all, these are the elections of Indian Parliament, which represent India and Indianness. Before entering into parliament, we have to understand how a candidate has won and on what basis his electioneering campaign had been. When it comes Indian Parliament, then it is mandatory it should not represent the ugly minded people.
Satish Kumar