Health Deptt needs working tonic

Looks slightly prosaic that the State Health Department having a far from satisfactory working mechanism is precariously in need of improvement since it has a very critical role to play in managing institutions and allied things having a bearing on the health of the people .We do mention , many a time, that decisions which ought to have been taken by the popular gGovernment in office are, in most of the cases, taken under Governor’s rule but we are afraid, that observation does not fit into the goings on in the Department of Health, Jammu at least.
Not taking decisions in time results in poor performance, confusion and abysmal returns and results from investments made for public welfare and benefit. Why should there remain top posts in Health Department vacant which in turn has potentiality of adversely affecting its functioning, is not known. Even the important post of its Director continues to be not filled with a competent incumbent. For the first time, we are witnessing a situation where on retirement of Director Health Jammu, the post continues to remain vacant. The functioning of the Department in absence of its top Officer is subject of no conjectures.
In addition to the post of Director, as many as five significant positions too are lying vacant. This position is continuing for months together without anyone concerned feeling any sense of responsibility towards such a scenario. It is beyond doubt that there is sufficient availability of the requisite talent, eligibility and claims for the vacant posts within the state to efficiently handle the affairs of the Department. Officers who could have been placed in the vacant positions to manage the affairs of the Directorate of Health Jammu are either “attached” with the Department or many eligible are awaiting posting orders.
Whose whims are managing this Department subservient to, needs to be made known? We are not listing out in details as to how many posts and in which wing of the Department are not filled up and leave that all to the concerned authorities to take immediate action keeping in view the sensitivity of the Department, being that of concerning public health.