Healing power of nature

Dr Vasudha Vij
When we are exposed to nature, we heal emotionally and feel pleasant. Nature is a tonic for physical wellbeing as well as emotional wellbeing. It provides us Harmony for the mind, Calmness for the body, Strength for the soul. Being in nature help us connect with our soul on a more profound level. We humans have five senses, our five senses are fully activated and our soul develops for strong bond with natural world, when we are exposed to nature. We acquire the pleasure of mindfulness and we start enjoying the little moments in our life. The time spend in the nature is respite for the exhausted minds, refreshing for new goals.
I see nature as healing because of the conductive support the earth provides to our human body. Nature has a magical impact on our health, it reduces inflammation and prevents many diseases by boosting immunity. YOSHIFUMI MIYAZAKI, a forest therapy expert and researcher in Japan found that people who spend 40 minutes walking in forest had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol which is involved in blood pressure and immune system function concluding spending time in nature induces a state of psychologic relaxation. You will find there is a huge importance of connecting with nature, finding yourself to be the part of natural world, being one with the rhythm of the nature. We gain spiritual power by responding to the rhythm of nature. We must invest our time to extract internal peace of mind, body and soul so that we can rejuvenate our positive energies that will empower us to perform our task with happy and heathy mindset.
In this busy and fast world, we have distant our inner beings and disconnected ourselves from our healing nature. We are in a race of moving and pushing in effort of our survival. But in this whole scenario our health has left behind. We are simple yet vital part in the world at large, one of the countless living elements that rely on earth for every aspect of our existence. Nature gives us everything we rely on in order to exist. As we are in fast pace living, it is bit difficult to move to forest and spend time in nature but we can adapt natural therapies that help us prevent the effects of lifestyle related diseases and boost our natural immunity. Therapies that can connect and that are extractions from the nature are highly beneficial to the mankind. Few of such therapies are holistic therapies like homeopathy, yoga, sound healing etc.
HOMEOPATHY is an alternative system of medicines that encourages your inner being to live and reflect your healthy mind and body, Homeopathy targets your whole system that includes your mind and body and heals you from within because we believe that every individual system is different. Homeopathic treatment treats a person not merely the symptoms. As said in Gita The nature of soul is , it is spread all over the body which is consciousness, everyone is conscious of the pains and pleasures of the body in part or as a whole. This spreading of consciousness is limited within ones own body, the pains and pleasure of one body are unknown to another. Therefore each and every body is the embodiment of an individual soul and the symptoms of the souls presence is perceived as individual consciousness that is why individuality is so important .We focus on the cause of the disease, the character of this disease, associated symptoms, desires, aversions, dreams, fears in short, we analyze your personality and accordingly we prescribe remedy for you that is made for you and that will heal you. Most important homeopathic medicines are not in crude form, they are in potentized form of substances and works on the dynamic level of a human being.
SOUND HEALING is the practice that uses vibrations in the form of Tibetan singing bowls to relax emotional and physical wellbeing. It is believed that sound healing can help relieve anxiety and sleeping difficulties, insomnia. Sound healing helps to permeate our system and bring our system back towards harmony. With the busy schedule we can use the fulfilling vibes as relaxation is always with it, the therapy makes the sound vibrations open, clear, balances the chakras and does release the stuck up energy and helps to regain focus in life .
Yoga is one of the therapies that comes under group of physical, mental and spiritual practices which originated in ancient India that aims to control and still the mind. It assists to recognize the conscious witness, untouched by the mind. Yoga therapy is a growing field and a scientific evident in its efficiency. It is used to treat existing mental, physical and health issues, also can be used as a selfcare strategy for prevention and maintenance. It is the type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation for the potential benefits that includes stress reduction, psychological wellbeing and efficient functioning of bodily systems. The holistic focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body and spirit.
Five vital Asanas that can be performed on daily basis to attain the health goal of a human being are :
Baddha Konasana:- this asana is also known as butterfly pose, is a great way to engage your growing area ideally meant to be done early in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps
– Stimulate your urinary bladder- Improve the functioning of your digestive system.
-Manage kidney problems.
-Deals with menopause process
-Relieve fatigue
Bhujangasana:- A pose that resembles the rising head of cobra, also called cobra pose, it is best known for its ability to engage the lower back shoulders and chest. Individuals with spine injuries, back problems or lower back pain should ideally practice this asana every single day.
-Bhujangasana helps us deals with lower back stiffness.
-Address spinal pane.
-Relieve pressure from shoulders and chest.
– Improves flexibility.
-Stretch and engage the abdomen.
-Get rid of hunching problems.
Tadasana :- This is also known as mountain pose. This asana is especially meant to correct bad postures by working your abs, back, legs and core. This pose helps you to-
-Relieve stress.
-Improve your blood circulation.
-Improve your posture when you stand or sit.
-Enhance the working of your digestive system.
– Works on your stability and mobility.
Uttanasana:- The classic inversion pose is an excellent way to deal with back related problems by standing in an inverted position, the asana stretches out your hamstrings calves, lower back and puts pressure on your ankles, hip and abdomen. Uttanasana helps-
-Relieve chronic back pain.
-Lower stress levels.
-Strengthen your hamstrings.-
Aid blood circulation.
-Make you more flexible.
Breathing exercises:- There are many breathing techniques that can be done for your respiratory system, but one of those that can be done with full benefits and comfort is –
-Get comfortable, you can lie on your back in your bed
-Breathe in with your nose, and let your belly fill with air
-Breathe out through your nose
-Place one hand on your belly , other hand on your chest
– As you breathe in feel your belly rise, as you breathe out feel your belly lower
It can be repeated three times or five times .
Mind, body, heart and soul: – The key to becoming a healthy and a happy human being lies in maintaining wellbeing of these four components no matter what your age.
(The author is a Homeopathic Practitioner)