Hazare to start agitation in Delhi

PUNE, Jan 30: Noted social crusader Anna Hazare said that PM Narendra Modi is not the only one to be blamed for the delay in implementing Lokpal Act or bringing back black money stashed abroad.

“It is a collective responsibility to take policy decision. But, I am firm on starting an agitation in Delhi on these issues,” Hazare told reporters at his native Ralegaon Siddhi here today.

Hazare added that while Modi has on the whole taken decisions that needed to be taken, he was unhappy about the inaction in implementing the Lokpal Act and the ordinance amending the Land Acquisition Act, 2013.

“This ordinance will harm the interests of farmers,” Hazare said.

The Gandhian further said that he had remained silent for six to seven months since Modi took charge as he did not expect immediate miracles.

“But it has now been eight months since Modi assumed office, and I do not see any desire to implement the Lokpal Act or appoint a strong Lokayukta in states and bring back black money,” he said.

Elaborating on his proposed agitation in Delhi, Hazare said that he will meet his key activists and consult with all those who have joined his movement before finalising the date.   “However, the agitation will be in Delhi since it is easier for all to assembly there,” he added.



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