Have uniform syllabus for Schools

Satish Singh Manhas
“In our country since decades; the education system has been discriminatory towards the downtrodden, poor and the rural. It has a tilt towards the affluent and mighty or well off since our independence or even prior to that. The English had devised the educational curriculum to suit their coterie of loyalists and the rest of the population was handed down the Government schools with different syllabus.
“Gauging the explosive potential of the downtrodden, poor and the rural, the Britishers deliberately conspired to keep this huge lot of Indian population educationally backward so that their stay in India is not threatened. A deliberate attempt was made to deprive this whole lot of quality education. They never wanted our poor, the 85 percent to be empowered educationally. They imposed different syllabi for different segments.
“ The same continued even after independence for many years, although with minor changes. Even today we have ICSE, CBSE for wealthy. We have convent and Navodaya Vidyalaya, KV’s etc for the upper middle class of society. We have the private run schools for other strata, the middle class. Lastly the left over, the Government School education is imposed upon the rural, village poor, and the downtrodden. Now even in 21st century we don’t have a uniform system of education. Is this a conspiracy of the effluent, the mighty and the super rich to keep the poor and downtrodden away from the mainstream education?
“ Four sets of syllabi are still operating in our educational sector till 10th standard or at least 5th standard. One for ICSE, other for CBSE, another for KVs, NVs and the fourth for Govt Schools. This categorization besides other things creates a psychological disadvantage in the minds of Govt. school going kids. So in order to have equitable distribution of the fruits of benefit of good education among all, the systems need a complete overhaul. A uniform system of education is the need of the hour.
“If not done in 21st century and 70 yrs after independence the deprived poor lot will feel unlucky to have been born in a country of disparities. So the curriculum is needed to change in favour of Govt school kids to bring them at par or at least required to be made uniform throughout the country. This will improve the most deprived lot of our society. It will also help end mad race for competition to seek admission in private schools especially in metros and other big cities. Additionally it will encourage the kids of Govt schools to feel at par with their counterparts in Private schools and can prove to be a big morale booster. At least the poor will not feel deprived of a good education. So if it is to be CBSE, let it be for all, be it a private school or Govt school. Let there be a uniform syllabus for all types of schools at least up to 5th standard which currently is totally different.
Hope it is done to favour the deprived lot of our society. At the outset the Govt School educated suffer from an inferiority complex. They emotionally feel as a subordinate to their private school counterparts. This is an emotional issue as well. Govt having sufficient infrastructure and competent manpower can do it with one stroke of pen.