Hatash’s emotion-packed Urdu Ghazals impress

O P Sharma

Name of Book : Sabza se Sehra Tak
(Collection of Urdu Ghazals )
Author : Piarey Hatash
Publisher : Gulshan Publishers,
Residency Road, Srinagar, Kashmir.

Eminent writer Piarey Hatash has the distinction of having authored 33 books-in Kashmiri, Urdu and Hindi languages so far and is still actively engaged in using his pen for creative expression. He has migrated from turbulent Kashmir valley to Jammu and is doing literary work putting out regularly one publication or the other. He has some projects in hand and, in fact, is a writer of hope and fresh ideas.
The author has written this book entitled ” Sabza Se Sehra Tak” ( From Greenery to Desert) which has been well received in the Urdu literary circles as also by the general public. This is his 8th book of Urdu poetic compositions as the earlier titles are: Yaad-e-Zafran, Lahoo Lahoo Angan, Gardish-i-Ayam, Haalizar,0Karbi-Wajppd, Waad-i-Ashqbar and Lahmai Gumshuda
Flight of Imagination
The book under review has choicest Urdu poetic compositions in simple language giving expression to his hard experiences including pangs of mass migration of Kashmiri Pandit community and others due to turbulence in the Valley during 1989-90. Piarey Hatash, hailing from Anantnag had to leave his hearth and home in the Kashmir valley. It is worth mentioning that he has been vigorously carrying on his literary pursuits.
This 174-page book has a total of 134 Ghazals in Urdu. Its Foreword has been written by two prominent persons like Professor Qadurus Javaid, former Head of Urdu Department, Kashmir University and Central University, Srinagar as well as eminent Professor Sahab Ali, Head of Urdu Department, Mumbai University, and both have expressed good words for the author as well as the quality of the poetic compositions. The author has dedicated the book to Dr. Shujat Bukhari, an eminent journalist and writer, who was assassinated in Srinagar by the militants on June 14, 2018.
Emotion-charged Poetry
Some of the poetic compositions are mature and meaningful. Two stanzas given below are particularly impressive:
Apney Gam to Sabi Uthatey Hai
Dusrooo key Gam Bhee Utha Laina
( Everyone is concerned about one’s own worries; but one must take care of others’ sorrows)
Just example of another couplet:
Dil Mey Har Lamhee Bekarari Hai
Har Gharee Lab Pey Aaho Zari Hai
( My heart is always in a fix, at all times this helpless is in need of help.)
In an interview, Piarey Hatash narrated his literary journey and discussed his attainments over the years. Asserting that he started writing in Kashmiri while still in the 9th class student in Anantnag and later the process went apace. He has carved out a niche for himself and rendered good service to the literature and the society.
Ghazal is ‘King’
Mr Hatash said: ” Ghazal is considered the king of the Urdu poetry and is being liked by the people even to this time. Further,talking about the prominent Urdu poets, he made mention of leading lights like Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Galib, ” Daag”, Faiz Ahmad Faiz,Momin among others in the country and also Jammu and Kashmir has eminent Urdu including Hamid Kashmiri, Shafaq Sopori , Prem Romani, Rafiq Raaz, Nazir Azad, Sahiba Sheryay and many others.
Mr Hatash proudly claims that he has authored 33 books in three languages, done notable translation works which include 1200-page biography of Munshi Prem Chand written by his son Amrit Rai to Kashmiri ; translation of Ved Rahi’s famous Dogri novel “Anant” in Kashmiri; he has also translated the monograph of Dr S Radhakrishnan and many other assignments. He has bagged awards and prizes.
Profit & Pleasure
This book of Ghazals has been well produced with quality printing on a fine paper but to my mind its price is on the higher side. He has his own style and substance and bears his imprint. His experiences of life and intimate study of literature has lot of new ideas and ideals. In my opinion, everyone will enjoy reading this emotion-packed poetry having breeze of fresh ideas and poetry of hope.