Harnessing solar energy

This refers to the article ‘Harnessing solar energy for agriculture “DE.May 24,2019
The author’s suggestion for maximum utilization of Sun’s energy as an alternative source are very sterling and genuine. It is the dire necessity of the time to think and explore such energy resources which will help us in future. No doubt ,solar energy is the best and easily available inexhaustible natural resource to meet the challenge of energy crisis in present era. It is a very clean,cheap and easily available resource across the globe.It is also helpful in reducing the emission of Green House Gases and lowering down the impact of global warming to a great extent.
Our reserve reservoir of energy i.e coal and petroleum will extinct in coming decades and then there will be crisis at every production site.Then solar energy can be the only alternative for us to meet our energy requirements. Besides, in agriculture sector we can also harness the solar energy for production of electricity and other energy producing gadgets like solar heater,solar cooker,solar inverter and as in solar batteries of different vehicles. The adoption of solar energy in agriculture and other sectors is very cost effective and eco friendly method.
Shyam Sudan