Hari Parbat cannot be Koh-i-Maran

Kindly refer the photo caption bearing on the front page of this esteemed daily dated March 11, 2013.
Badamwari when translated into English means the garden of almonds. It is located at the foothills of Hari Parbhat hillock which has at the top of it the  famous Hari Parbhat fort constructed by the Afghan Governor Jawan Sher Amir Khan and not Koh-i-Maran as mentioned while describing the said picture.. The hillock is known as Hari Parbhat since the dawn of History. The history of Kashmir is 5000 years old and is duly testified by the Nilmat Purans and  Kalhan Pandit’s  Rajtrangni .How the name Koh-i-Maran has come needs be explained by the UNI.
The Right to Freedom of Expression and Speech is there in the Constitution of India but it does not mean that the same shall be used by people for the distortion of the historical facts and also  for re-writing of history.
Hari Parbhat has its own history. Historically, it is from here that the valley of Kashmir took its birth. To distort this fact is to play harlot with the facts of history and to create disharmony among people.
Yours etc….
Predhuman K Joseph Dhar,
Catholic Journalist,