Harassment to vehicle owners

As the subject captioned above I would like to apprise you that a recent order has been passed in somewhere in Srinagar division to seize the vehicles which are registered with other than RTOs of Jammu or Srinagar. The way police asks such vehicle owners/drivers about the identity of the vehicle, it looks J&K is still not a part of India. There should be no problem for vehicle owners if that vehicle is registered within India. The plying of such vehicles must be allowed with accordance to the fitness rule issued from time to time and if a particular vehicle is increasing the emission level irrespective of its model whether BSIII or BSIV it must be seized.
Lots of students , employees and general public have purchased vehicles from other States/UTs during the time of their study or job and became second or third owner subsequently and when they are very much in their UTs of J&K , they are facing the ire of traffic police and in the hands of security personnel at various checking points (Nakas) to face the plethora of questions like why they have purchased vehicles from outside of the UT? It is giving the sense of depriveness of being living in an area which does not belong to our mother India. Therefore, it is requested upon the enforcing agencies to mitigate such issues and ensure those private vehicles should be allowed to ply in J&K too like other parts of the country which possess the complete required mandatory documentation including controlled emission level certificate irrespective of its registered transport office place. There should be no bar or restriction on moving or re-registering in our UT if these vehicles are meeting all the parameters of controlling of emission levels and producing a valid good health certificate .
RD Singh
Janipur Jammu.