Gym or No Gym

Himanshee Sharma
The word gym comes from a Greek word “gymnasium” which means a “school for naked exercise”. Basically this word gym is commonly used as slang for fitness clubs which usually offer indoor facilities.
Gym adds another dimension in one’s life and improves the perception towards life. It helps you to lead a quality life. Gym not only enhances your physical heath but it also enhances your mental health, sharpens your memory and releases stress etc. Gym adds discipline to your life and also provides a chance to socialize and interact with other people. It is always good to do things in groups rather than doing things alone as sometimes you get motivation from your companions, looking at them makes you do more and set your fitness goal high.
In our very own country gym is not considered as a popular option. Very few number of people prefer going to gym and that too a specific age group usually youngsters. Mostly this idea of staying in shape comes from the growing influence of Bollywood where having a six pack abs is a must for an actor. Girls only prefer going to gym when they start their groom hunt. People who are slim usually do not prefer gym because they think being slim is being fit. Gym is thought to be a place for obese people. If people join gym in India, they do it with an intension to lose weight, and as their objective is met they leave gym. But it is important to understand that fitness is not a destination rather a journey.
The senior citizen of India thinks that the word exercise is meant for the young people and they do not exercise at all. But the question now arises that why we Indians are not into workout? When compared to the western countries we have a very few percentage of population going to gym or involved in regular physical workout. India is basically very densely populated nation where the competition for life is very stiff. As a child grows, all the attention of parents is on his/her studies which according to them is the only way to find a suitable job. Indian parents usually have an obsession for the professions like doctors and engineers. Mostly children nowadays have lost their childhood and are engulfed into books. Nobody is bothered for the child’s physical development. The saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” rightly suits this situation. As the child grows older eventually even he/she develops the same kind of mindset and everything other than your physical health becomes important. You become ignorant towards your physical health till the time some disease hits on you. Most of the people in cities are those who have migrated from villages or due to urbanization the villages have transformed into cities. Earlier people in villages used to walk miles in order to meet their daily need, so they never had the need for specific physical workout. But now due to urbanization people are more dependent on machines and electronic gadgets, metros, escalators, elevator etc. People have adopted all such advancements of urban life but are still sticking to the mindset of not exercising of rural life.
These people relate themselves to their grandfather saying that their grandfathers never went to a gym but still they led a healthy life, not taking into consideration their own lifestyle.  When it comes to social networking sites, with the kind of fitness related posts everyone seems to be quite conscious about their physical status. You all try to find the best suited angles to click your pictures so that you look slim and fit. But the ground reality is not the same as that of the virtual world.
It is very important that in this fast track life you devote an hour or so, to your body in which your soul rests as your body is your responsibility. According to centers for disease control and prevention, all the adults are recommended to exercise for at least 30 minutes for five days in a week.  This goal can be achieved easily by going regularly to the gym. Going to gym keeps you in shape and your body toned. It enhances your self confidence and you feel positive about yourself. You look good, think good and feel good.
It improves your mental health and it keeps you away from physical and mental ailments. It provides better sleep and better sleep means more energy and better mood. Regular physical workout provides more oxygen and nutrients to your tissue thus keeping you active and energetic throughout the day. Cardiovascular exercises have a positive effect on the brain development as shown by studies.
Brain-derived protein (known as BDNF) in the body which is known for decision making and higher thinking, is increased with physical workout.
When it comes to women, gym is a magical place. Women usually feel shy when it comes to going to a gym. All the women need to cross that barrier of hesitation and step forward towards a healthy life. Regular workout enhances the strength among women so that they can move their stuff around by themselves, no matter how heavy it might be. Usually, there is a myth that females should not work out during their menstruation cycles rather working out during your cycles helps to mitigate  the anxiety, fatigue and headaches that are the results of periods. It also regulates irregular periods, improves blood circulation and reduces the menstrual cramps. No matter in whatever way it is done, exercises always release happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin etc. in your body while also keeping you in shape. In short, going to gym is always a win-win situation. So all you need to do is go to gym, stay energetic, lead a healthy life and yes no excuses.