Guv directive to Admin Secys

Hearing grievances of the public in respect of their day to day problems which they encounter during visits to various Government offices and problems of other nature , by the concerned designated authorities by the Government is tantamount of having resolved them half- way as it gives a psychological relief to an aggrieved citizen that at least one’s problems were heard and that those reached up to the stage of hearing and getting properly known. In this very connexion, Governor Satya Pal Malik has directed all Administrative Secretaries to ensure that they were available to the desiring and visiting persons seeking redressing of their grievances. Not only this,the bureaucracy must develop the habit of coming out of their cosy lived-in aired and comfortable office rooms to physically visit field projects and take stock of the progress of work .
It is not suggested that the other important table work of different hues should suffer but the same should be rostered in such a way that both the duties get due attention . In other words, periodicity for the same should be conveniently decided but performance chart or report thereof must be submitted to the next higher authority , in the present case as per Governor’s directives, to the Chief Secretary. Noteworthy thing about the issue is, clear cut instructions about earmarking of two hours on daily basis from out of office timing, to listen to public grievances. A Nodal Officer has been identified and entrusted with the duties of monitoring daily attendance of employees in the Civil Secretariat. So far as issuing of ” official instructions ” are concerned, they carry no meaning unless meticulously followed and the same strictly ensured by the Government.