Gurus on fast

Both Anna Hazare and yoga guru Ramdev together sat at one-day fast at protest venue at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Their fast is against corruption and black money stashed in foreign banks. The fight against corruption is almost one year old and many things happened in between in the country. However the Lokpal Bill which the anti-corruption crowds have been demanding did not come up. It got mired in legal and constitutional complicacies and remains a pending issue. In the meanwhile the gurus have begun attacking the Prime Minister directly for heading a cabinet where some ministers are involved in corruption. Taking recourse to moral and ethical values to protest against something going against the interests of common man is the old practice to which the Indians are used. It was put to political use by the Father of the Nation. Ever since smaller leaders also tried to draw mileage from it and sit on hunger strikes and no-talk strikes etc. Our countrymen still think that moral force can change the mind of the Government and make it do things right as they perceive them. In western countries it looks bizarre. Let us hope that sanity prevails on both sides and a formula of compromise is arrived at to avert escalation of tension. The government cannot afford agitation to continue and therefore must find some way out of this stalemate.