Gupkar leaders have lost ground: Tarun Chugh

BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh addressing a rally at Rajpura on Friday. -Excelsior/Madan
BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh addressing a rally at Rajpura on Friday. -Excelsior/Madan

Excelsior Correspondent

KATHUA, Dec 11: Gupkar Alliance leaders have lost their political heritage and ground, said BJP’s national general secretary and Jammu-Kashmir in-charge, Tarun Chugh while addressing election rallies at Rajpura (Kathua), Dhanna (Kidian-Gandiyal), Sherpur Wala (Nagari) near here, today.
Jammu and Kashmir BJP vice-president, Yudhvir Sethi was also present on the occasion.
Chugh said that former NC president and Chief Minister, Sheikh Abdullah’s Government has done injustice to the people of Jammu and Kashmir for 70 years. “Putting the black law on our chest for 70 years, the Abdullah family continued to do injustice to the country. They did injustice to sons and daughters of the UT. I want to ask them today why they have done this injustice to the daughters of Jammu and Kashmir. Narendra Modi, made sure that the daughter of the country gets all her rights”, he added.
Before India’s Home Minister, Amit Shah broke 370 and 35-A, Farooq Abdullah’s statement was that even if Modi is born four times, 370 and 35-A cannot be broken. Modi did not wait for four births, broke 370 and 35-A in the first birth, he added.
Chugh said that the Congress is not in any count today. The world’s largest human transfer took place in 1947, when the parents poisoned their daughters to save them from their identities. All this was a fault of the Congress. All our elders have suffered this sting, the mistakes of the Congress made the partition of India. They have broken the country in the greed of power, killed millions and rendered more homeless than that.
In every corner of the country those homeless people made their means of employment, the owners of big properties did little work here, but did not leave their culture. The whole country accepted them but those who got a place in Jammu and Kashmir, the Government here did not allow them to work, did not give the right to vote and also deprived them of citizenship.
“When the 370 was abrogated, the (Gupkaris) did a drama that we will not contest elections until 370 is restored, but after the election of DDC, they all who looted the coffers of the State gathered and formed an Alliance so that they could get a chance of robbing again”.
So far, only one Rs 25 thousand crore scam has been unearthed, not knowing how many such scams must have been made by them in 70 years. How much development of Jammu and Kashmir could have been done with this money that they looted and put all the benefits in their pockets, he added.