Gunman kills 3 in Kansas before dying in shootout

LOS ANGELES, Feb 26: A gunman killed three people and wounded 14 others at a lawnmower factory in Kansas today before being gunned down by police in the latest mass shooting to rock the United States, according to a police official.

            Harvey County Sheriff T Walton said the gunman was an employee at Excel Industries, located in Hesston, a tight-knit community north of Wichita.

            Walton said the first officer to arrive at the scene shot the gunman, saving “many, many lives.”

            “This is a horrible situation, just terrible,” Walton said, adding that his department received a congratulatory call from the White House after the incident.

            Walton said authorities had information on “some things that triggered this individual”, but he would not elaborate.

            The carnage was the latest in a string of mass shootings in the United States, where such attacks have become commonplace.

            Walton said the gunman, who he declined to identify, first fired at two motorists from his car, and then stole a pickup truck from one of his victims before heading to the factory.

            He shot a woman in the parking lot with an assault rifle and then entered the facility unleashing a volley of bullets as people ran for their lives screaming “run, fire, fire,” according to one witness.

            Local media identified the gunman as Cedric Ford, 38, who worked as a painter at the factory and had posted a picture of himself on Facebook with an assault rifle.

            Matt Jarrell, a painter at Excel, told CNN affiliate KSNW that “never in a million years” would he have expected Ford to do something like this before he saw him open fire.

            “He was a mellow guy,” Jarrell said. “He was somebody I could talk to about anything.”

            Ford recently moved to the area from Miami, and had an extensive criminal record, including a history of prowling, loitering and illegal weapons possession, media reports said.

            Walton said police surrounded the gunman’s home after the shooting but his male roommate refused to allow them in, resulting in a standoff.

            But officers later obtained a warrant and entered the home only to find it empty, KSNW reported.

            The victims were taken to local hospitals, — where five were deemed to be in critical condition — as family members rushed to the factory for news of their loved ones.

            One man said his 21-year-old nephew had been shot four times.

            “I hear about these shootings at theatres and things, and it’s just a mess… It’s horrible,” an eyewitness said, referring to other mass shootings across the country. (AGENCIES)


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