”Gulmarg” of Jammu -Sanasar

If just 19 kms from the famous tourist spot Patni Top, the fascinatingly picturesque Sanasar is termed as Gulmarg of Jammu region, it would not be an over statement. The lush green and soothing pine trees, herbs, shrubs , flora and fauna and the like adoring the said place make it worth seeing and staying too for a few days to have the opportunity to be a real beholder of nature and natural beauty. Tourists know about it and once a visit to this place leaves an urge behind to revisit it which speaks for thousands of tourists visiting the spot during peak summer months. There is a famous historic spiritual place in Sanasar known as Naga Raja , where the devotee visitors pay obeisance and receive divine blessings . It is not some legend or any sort but a fact that anyone seeking with confidence and faith , fulfilment of any wish , the spiritual power here never disappoints the devotee which , however, modern era of science may find hard to believe but equally difficult not to believe. Needless to add, most of the top tourist spots in Jammu and Kashmir, amidst being in the lap of perfect nature, shrines and spots overflowing with divine powers from times immemorial, have been found part of the glory of such spots. Sanasar and many places , Patnitop en-route Batote too, have many a bewildering such divine spot .
The roads leading to Sanasar are rough , bumpy and zig-zag which though requiring repairs , widening and proper maintenance – do not deter the tourists from visiting the place to enjoy nature and its mysteries. Like most of the tourist spots in Jammu region, Sanasar is not getting due and pointed attention from the UT administration for its development and raising of necessary infrastructure as also providing reasonably better facilities to the tourists. The Government needs to look into the issue in its entirety.