Gulab Gatha flaws

This is in reference to the letter “Gulab Gatha” by Narsingh Dev Jamwal regarding distortion of Dogra history. Gulab Gatha – a film which was made in the year 2017, and screened in the year 2018. If the learned author had any suggestion or query regarding its script or history, he should have approached the filmmakers in this regard. However he must put atleast one thing in his mind that to touch history is not a everybody’s cup of tea and if Natrang has taken an initiative to take its history to the world it must be taken into consideration that atleast it has tried to come upto the expectations of the public. Maybe Gulab Gatha is having flaws but the author must tell where it is wrong. Mere criticising won’t help the Dogra cause and culture.
Mohd Yaseen
Member Natrang