Guest Control Act

In the recent past a newly formed social amalgamation namely “All Sabhas Coodination Committee” has undertaken a series of meetings regarding eradication of social evils, and have voiced serious concern over heavy expenditure being incurred on marriage parties and other social functions. The heads of all Sabhas and Biradaries have urged the Govt to strictly implement “Guest Control Act” and save the poor masses, who are being crushed under the burden of social compulsions.
The participants have unanimously resolved to do away-with the practice of distributing sweet packs (Dabbas) with the invitation cards, say no to cocktail/non-veg parties, curtail large gathering in barats and other functions, no dowry system, no bursting of crackers and drug abuse. The heads of Sabhas have also offered free marriage halls and other facilities for those who celebrate simple day-time marriage function. It is hoped that with the enactment of the “Guest Control Act” and the awareness campaign launched by the Coordination Committee, the unnecessary expenditure being incurred would be curtailed to a large extent, and the poorman of the society will have a sigh of relief.
I request to all the right thinking brothers and sisters, respectable citizen’s and young generation to come¬† forward, join hands with the campaign, communicate with the people and play a reformist role in the social movement. This will be their greatest service to the mankind, especially towards the people belonging to middle lower, middle class and those living below poverty line. They can disseminate more effectively and can educate masses about the charm of day-time simple marriages and the glory of a homogenous society free from all evils. This good-will gesture by all of us would definitely promote social integration and uplift weaker sections of the society by boosting their economic, educational and social standards.
Yours etc….
Shiv Charan Sharma
JMC Ward No. 12
Executive Committee Member
Dogra Brahmin Sabha, Jammu


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